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duckduckgo compromised

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I don't use DuckDuckGo. I know it's compromised.

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I'm using duckduckgo. What is a better search engine? I believe duckduckgo just repackaged google or bing's search algorithm or something? At least (I hope) the jews aren't tracking me when I use duckduckgo.

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I use it but not to skirt the NSA but to not give google or any other liberal run tech company even a click if possible.

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That's dark. Makes me want to go back into teaching and give young men direction.

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replace with Searx.me or any other Searx instance.

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atpoide is the same shit, full of proprietary and cracked software. better to use f-droid which consists of free software only.

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Thanks. I was about to post the same thing.

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Careful with atpoide may have builtin malware within the their .apk

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Or apkpure.

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A few corrections:
duckduckgo is compromised and it is run by the jew Gabriel Weinberg. Better alternative: searx.me
protonmail was created and funded at MIT (not Switzerland) and it appears to be run out of Lithuania for data collection. The people behind proton are also a bunch of nigger-loving faggots who demand "diversity in tech" and have closed accounts on baseless accusations of being "right wing". The whole operation smells like jews. Better alternative: mailfence or posteo.de
Edit: Tutanota is probably the best email option I've seen. It's open source, secure, fully encrypted (at rest) and they have good apps, although UX is a bit lacking, but still solid.

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Holy shit you saved me. I have protonmail and was going to get the protonVPN. I'm going to dump protonmail right away.

Thanks goat.

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Try Tutanota. Basically the same thing, only open source but worse GUI.

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are also a bunch of nigger-loving faggots who demand "diversity in tech"

I took the time to read that press release and lots of the comments below it. It's not what you immediate think of when you hear "diversity in tech," and they explicitly talk about merit being the only thing that matters. Plenty of comments are saying "look, you guys phrased this really badly and it sounds like identity politics, not meritocracy." If you read the release, they're talking about diversity solely in relation to increasing the number of potential people, who then get judged on skill.

I will say though, that with language like that, they were standing in the doorway of what everyone mistakenly thought they were talking about. And it sounds like cookie cutter virtue signaling. That release isn't enough on its own, but it definitely shows there's a good chance they'll go tumbling down the hillside of idpol if they haven't already.

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I don't think you actually read the article. They are explicitly talking about racial diversity:
"Although it wasn’t done by design, ProtonMail has evolved to become a fairly diverse company, with more than a dozen nationalities represented on our team."
Then they go on to state that low-IQ African and Muslim invaders of Europe - which they refer to as "refugees" - will somehow help with the shortage of tech workers:
"Project Integration seeks to simultaneously address two problems, the shortage of skilled IT workers and the European refugee crisis."
What a fucking joke. If you want "diversity in tech" move your fucking operation to Somalia you stupid virtue-signalling fucks. And look at the photos of "tech diversity" in the article - a bunch of non-whites staring at computer screens. It was only AFTER they got called out for their anti-white "diversity" garbage that they tried to re-frame the whole thing being about "merit".
I'm starting to think you are also a nigger-loving faggot, just like the protoncucks.

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If merit was the only thing that matters why do you need a press release or comments about diversity at all?

In a merit based business, competent people show up and work. Losers get fired. The world keeps spinning. The end.

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Really looking for a solid protonmail alternative. But does maifence or posteo have encrypted mailbox like protonmail has?

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I should have added tutanota. They are better than Proton with privacy, security, fully-encrypted mailbox (at rest), and they are open source.

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Thank you.

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Warning!!! Do not use Protonmail! It is developed by CERN and MIT. Also... If someone advertises Swiss-Privacy-Laws, be cautious. There isn't any Internet related privacy in Switzerland. (((Switzerland))) fucks their people since 2003 with a full blown VDS (Vorratsdatenspeicherung, eg. data preservation) and no one cares. Use the better and secure alternative tutanota.com (open source) instead.

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I love tutanota. It's on fdroid now too.

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I agree. Protonmail was involved in doxxing people over political dissent. Use Tutanota.

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Protonmail is closed source garbage.

From the comment section here: https://protonmail.com/blog/protonmail-open-source/

The security risks of open sourcing the back-end code is too high. It would let an attacker know how our infrastructure is set up or let spammers get insight into how to circumvent our anti-spam measures.

I have mixed feelings about their reasoning here, but their claims of being opensource are only surface deep.

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To be fair, that is a decent excuse.

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I'm just not so sure...

The reason I have mixed feelings about it is they could easily say we run xyz opensource mailing daemon and abc opensource filtering solution. But instead what they did is write an article about how opensource and transparent their company is, and when asked they had to backpedal and say "Well no... We don't opensource that because it would hurt us."

Really this is tacit admission that they use proprietary software to process your mail. Which is far more invasive than how you the end user view your own mail.

It's one thing to keep infrastructure topologies and hueristical analysis details close to the vest. It is another to clam up and say nothing about the software while claiming to be opensource.

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The solution (which can admittedly be hard and take time) is for their "secret sauce" to be configuration data and/or plugins, and to open-source the framework.

They keep their trade-secret spam filter code and infrastructure config behind the firewall, but all the "handling your data" and "serving you the data" bits get open-sourced.

Open-sourcing private code in a company can be a colossal PITA, though.

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Those are good short-term options.

But long-term, we need something that can resist domain seizures (like what happened to Daily Stormer). Maybe something combining BitTorrent & blockchain technology.

For years, governments have been shutting down BitTorrent websites, but others just take their place, and the BitTorrent ecosystem keeps humming along.

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Pardon my cynicism but there are no long term options. People don't seem to understand that this sort of thing keeps going round and round in a pattern. Companies of some kind adopt some quality most people don't like, but there aren't better alternatives. Those alternatives come around, and people slowly migrate to them. As the alternative gets bigger and more successful, they begin to supplant the one that came before. Then, they're the big kid on the block, beholden to the bottom line and shareholders and any kikes who wormed their way in when it started succeeded, and before long, BOOM, the alternative is now just like the old company and the cycle repeats itself.

When companies become massive and make tons of profit or used by tons of people, they inevitably decline and become nothing but soulless money generating machines that are completely absent of any morality, and often loose touch with what made them successful in the first place.

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Yep, that's so true.

When there's a company making a lot of money, you can be sure there will be a bunch of jews infiltrating it.

That's the thing about publicly traded company, eventually it will mostly be owned by jews, cryptojews, or their proxies.

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Aptoide? Never heard of it. Why no F-Droid?

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Oddly, it turns out that Aptoide, which I hadn't heard of until now, is open source and the original basis for F-Droid. So that made me warm up to it a little, but still, it doesn't tell you anything about how it's run or what the software it serves does. But that's no worse than the Yalp store, so...

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Seen this posted like 20 times now on many sites....

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