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“We’re going to hold Jones to the same standard we hold to every account,

I dont use twitter, but I bet you it would take me 5 minutes to littler a comment with anti-white tweets.

Sarah Jeong is just one example on how full of shit twitter is.


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Jones is a wacko akin to yelling “Fire” in a theater. He throws enough crazy crap around that the chances of getting something close to right are pretty high. Throw enough shit at the wall and guaranteed something will stick.

Your aren’t wrong.. the whole Sarah Jeong thing shows just how out of balance Twitter and the rest of them are. She may be extreme (I don’t like her and I’ve never met her), but Jones is on a whole different level.


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i found CNN


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So you ban someone you don’t like?


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What Jack Dorsey pulled looks very much like a PR move to me. Buck the initial trend to get people to say nice things about you, then follow suit a few days after when the positive articles have run their course.