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It ends with a mark... Anyone who doesn't have it will not be able to buy, sell or trade unless they have the mark. This is just the beginning the control will get tighter and tighter until almost everyone is snared. Normies can't even imagine leaving facebook or twitter and that's just social media.

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China already has this system and what’s scary is there are people in the West advocating for it.

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Indeed, China seems to be the canary in the coal mine...

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Any names for the people advocating such a disgusting method of stealing freedom

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Only people that want the easiest path through life and never want to think for themselves.

OMG my wallet was stolen while taking my 500th selfie today, what do I do? Get an implant!

These people then go about their day of looking for entertainment. Never stopping to think (hey if you can steal my card by glancing over my purse, and some can steal my watch from my wrist, what is this "mark/chip" really improving?

Its the people that do things because others do them, and were taught that questioning things takes the fun out of life, that are the cancer on humanity. It's not the influencers, it's the idiot dependents that feel more than they think

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Any speculation as to what form the mark will take?

Asking for 144,000 friends

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Any speculation as to what form the mark will take?

Perhaps it will be a number, that stands for your name, without which you can not buy or sell.

So basically a number used for your name and you can't open a bank account, get a credit card, or obtain an identity document without this number.

Fortunately we're a long ways from anything that crazy happening. After all the US is a Christian nation and would never tolerate such a system.

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Not sure but we will know when it is here as we will be forced to participate... Keep watching for signs, God Bless.

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Symbol of Moloch.

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All the tech to do it is on the shelf. Its being rolled out in China. Government enabled corporate censorship is the work around from the constitution.

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Government suppressing speech: bad

Government-protected corporate monopolies suppressing speech often at the request of government behind the scenes: it's their prerogative, they can do what they want as a private corporation.

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The pieces are in play. Keep watching and God bless!

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fist they implement a Black list system. Then they show you that it does not work. So they can finally implement a white list system.

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It's a good reason why supporting decentralized products either by use, informational spread or actual monetary donations is one of the best philanthropies to be involved with imo. They can't be censored nearly as easily and have a very efficient $ input for $ output provided. They ban you from Twitter but if you have access to decentralized communication networks they can't ban you from that. They ban you from banks but if you have bitcoin or other financial tools meant to give better freedoms relating to ISPs, cells, etc, they will have a hard time banning you from that as well.

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Anyone know what is happening with the decentralized voat project?

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https://notabug.io has been running pretty well so far, working on mod/community features now.

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So given block chain tech it should be dead easy to make a texting app that uses proof of work with a permanently low difficulty to build the block chain.

I assume this has been done.

If not the time is now. I would run last year's scrypt miner to facilitate it.

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Blockchain as such doesn't scale well, like, at all. There are some technologies (2nd layer) making inroads into current decentralized platforms but we're still some years away before they're user-friendly enough for the masses.

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"I would..."

I'm looking forward to seeing your work, sounds like you have the skills I lack

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As long as "comments" isn't an extra data field added to each transaction this time. Who knew allowing free-text comments to become permanent record disrupting the entire purpose would ever cause a problem.

Wait, shit - that's exactly what you're suggesting.

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Wait until they start with the Chinese model of "Social Credit System". Big chains in California are already working on implementing facial recognition to block shoplifters out of stores since anything under $949.99 is a misdemeanor that the cops won't even cite miscreants for.

Get caught committing a bad-think grievance in California? No groceries for you. Better learn to barter and grow a garden.

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She forgot the middle step of web hosting and domain registrars.

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Can't be comprehensive in such a short number of characters. Besides, you have to make messages relatable to the common person to get the viral effect. "Web hosting" and "domain registrars" don't move the needle like "cell phone service" and "bank account."

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private utilities like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Great terminology. It frames things well.

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i was saying something similar on the alex jones ban thread a couple of days ago.

either way, this will set up the mark of the beast after the anti-christ is revealed.right now they are just building his system up to make it fool proof.

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Who do you think would be a good contender for the Antichrist?

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A jew.. Just a guess

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Who do you think would be a good contender for the Antichrist?

i really dont know and i dont care but some people speculate that he will come out of the house of windsor others fee;s he will be of the house of the bourbons in spain because both kings charles and felipe carry the title "king of jerusalem" just google up

but i think both theories are wrong and he will rise up from a place least expected and less known.because otherwise,his revealing wont be a shock to the whole world

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https://tweetsave.com/brittpettibone/status/1026506489127727104 :

Brittany Pettibone on Twitter: "Censorship starts with banning us from private utilities like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, but it ends with them banning us from our Internet providers, cell phone carriers, private bank accounts, etc."

This has been an automated message.

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Don't suppose you could archive tweets to a website that doesn't require javascript to read?

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Haven't really looked into tweetsave alternatives.

I use tweetsave instead of archive.is for tweets in order to limit the number of requests I make to archive.is. The bot has already been IP banned twice and stuck behind a permanent cloudflare captcha once because the archive.is dev really doesn't like bots.

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In reality, already well beyond "ending" point if that's the stopping point she chose to stick with in her comment. Paypal, Visa, most banks already forbid banking or financial transactions with many law-abiding persons and companies based only on their feels. Financial institutions even suspecting a violation of their feels will block all transactions as Voat owners, many social media discussion site predecessors, and many other niches are well aware. Gun trading sites even. Wikileaks. List goes on and on. ISP's regularly blackhole their own law-abiding customers who don't follow their feels. 3-strikes for this, 3-strikes for that.

The fact that dozens of major websites have in concert/conspiracy deplatformed people over and over again is why we are here today.

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