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Msm news feeds should be hacked to tell the truth. Then the lefties would literally eat themselves.

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I've really never understood why this hasn't happened.

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I wonder if I taste good. You ever thought about slicing off a side of yourself and firing up the grill? I’m probably delicious.

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If you have eaten pork/bacon you have tasted pretty close to human flesh. Once you smell a fatty chunk of human flesh get roasted it makes you gag at the smell of bacon.

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I saw this at Defcon. I hacked it too. Was really easy. Russian hackers don't know what they are doing

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Ah..nothing to worry about here! Eleven-year-olds are too young to vote

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I'd like a clearer definition of "replica" election website. Was it a purely cosmetic replica or was an effort made to match the underlying infrastructure and network?

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It sounds to me like it was just a fun little kiddies game.

Of the 39 contestants who entered, 35 were successful in breaking into the sites

The title strongly implies a lie. There's no way 35 of 39 children were able to crack a real site of any kind.

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Had to be cosmetic, a whole lotta money goes into creating the network infrastructure, that is unless the DNC had no security whatsoever which is possible

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In Russia hacks you.

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But he was Russian so.......

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fake news, same garbage was on reddit.