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If you make an account there please upload content that is not political. Bitchute badly needs more general content.

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That’s why I rarely go there. It’s all crazy politics or pseudoscience.

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crazy politics or pseudoscience

You're literally mind-controlled by the msm

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I was thinking of making a YouTube channel, now it will most certainly be a Bitchute channel if I do.

I have looked for the non-political content I enjoy on YouTube on Bitchute and it’s nowhere to be found so I am commenting on all the channels I subscribe to and asking they make a Bitchute mirror

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I hope you guys don't mind if I shill for my own BitChute account. I make mashups of EDM for fun. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/W6xmjICvgxpU/

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The best way to help people find BitChute is through YouTube.

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comment section is still disqus

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they are working on replacing it with their own comment section

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Butchute better hurry up with getting their own comment section then, because Disqus is getting really bad and subversively evil. They nuked the Disqus comment section on Return of Kings, right after I talked way too much about the background of (((Jason Kessler))) and the creepy and weird events of Charlottesville.

Call me crazy, but I think Roosh V knew that his Disqus comment section was going to get nuked....even before it happened.

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It's going to be a pain to transfert the existing messages into the new system

I guess they'll have to nuke it all instead

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Yeah, I saw that. Clearly at odds with the free speech mission of Bitchute

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Bit Chute needs more exclusive content to beat established media. I encourage everybody to put some videos on Bit Chute.

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I'm still not exactly sure about Bitchute .. although they are the best of alternatives ATM ..but I fear they may be another startup like Vidme. Get bought out, then poof.

Now that Real.Video by Mike Adams ..that guy is crazy enough to carry his plan out to completion.

I do like that you can subscribe on Bitchute. I am missing YouTube in my boycott ..that young English boy Alex Steele hammering away on iron in his workshop ...I'll get over it

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Maybe let him know that you're not watching his videos because they are on Jewtube and encourage him to upload to BitChute.

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With who's money? This will take billions?

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steemit is pretty good. Steemit+ bitchute gg

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PayPal still offers services to BitChute. Interesting.

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For the moment. That won't last of course.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=tfCbLbpKE4g :

Time for Plan B!! BitChute No Censorship Is Freedom of Speech - YouTube

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Decentralization is finally starting.

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It's starting, we are some years before it's decent. I was trying to seed some videos with QBittorrent but apparently the lack of WebTorrent support in Libtorrent makes this impossible for the time being. I'm not gonna seed with my browser.

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BiglyBT worked. It used some intermediate add-on for web torrents and was able to add it to the list of torrents like all the others.

however the intermediate looks like its a web browser of sorts

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