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Total BS's simply an industry that is past it's time. When you can buy preassembled Gamer PC's for about the same amount of money it cost to self assemble one lose, game over.


[–] 13524761? ago 

To be honest I am kind of amazed that so many case manufactures even exist to begin with. Aren't DIYers something like <1% of the entire PC space?


[–] goatermcgee ago  (edited ago)

Aren't DIYers something like <1% of the entire PC space?

Like people who build cars, but lots of car brands. Everyone needs a case not just the people who build one themselves.


[–] ShinyVoater ago 

Even if we assume you're right on the economics of the case market, most companies that make cases also make other products that go rather nicely into those empty cases. Quite a few are also based in Taiwan, which may or may not have an impact on the economics of the situation.

But either way, the sheer diversity of models(even within the same price bracket by the same manufacturer) suggests somebody's buying them.