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What a missed opportunity. Element could've gone the other way and said they'd be bringing jobs back to the States because they're certain that Americans would pay a bit more for TVs that are Made in the USA.

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A crystal radio kit plugged into a cathode ray tube would be better quality than that crap Walmart sells under the brand name "Element".

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I would like to add that when I see a 65" 4k flat screen TV for $800 I suspect that it is just shit, regardless of where it is made. I pay higher prices for name brand quality products and have established brand loyalty, just like Americans in the past had done with US made products.

So far everything Samsung has been great for me, my Galaxy S4 just turned 5 years of daily continuous use. In my immediate family we have 2 Galaxy S4 phones and 2 Galaxy Note 5 phones and they are going strong with daily use. The S4s have had battery replacements however. We also have a 65" Samsung flat screen that is 5 years old with daily use and it is great.

Honorable mention to Sony Playstation. I have 1, 2, and 3. The 3 is the slim model from 2009ish. It is a daily media device and has never had an issue. Also, daily driver MacBook Pro 13 from 2010 with one battery replacement.

My point is there are Americans that will pay more for high quality electronics, I am an example of that.

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Is that a Walmart brand? That explains the cheap Chinese labor, then.
Can't sell quality electronics in a Walmart...

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Sanyo is 10x better brand name and quality.

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Getting real sick of the “assembled in America” shit

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Ikea found it paid to have Americans assemble things themselves.

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The 'better a few jobs than none' argument only holds so much water before it loses credibility.

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I agree with everything you just said (wrote).

Have a plus one.

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And are hopefully, paid and treated well by the companies that employ them, similar to what Ford did when Henry Ford still owned and ran the company

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I know I certainly would! I shopped around all over the place for a made in USA set. I heard a few rumours, and they all turned out to be erroneous; all the USA built sets had either stopped being produced or were outsourced by that point. So I just bought a cheap Sharp that got the highest reviews. And I did it without enthusiasm, I might add.

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So they're Chinese made and only assembled in the U.S.A.?

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Some of them are partially assembled in the US.

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Their TV were low tier garbage anyway. Them crowing about "Made in the USA" makes them equivalent to Clock Boy saying he invented a new clock. They took some foreign shit they bought at a discount, slapped it together, and tried to claim something that really isn't true.

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Good. Assembled in the US with Chinese parts.

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Not even really assembled in the US. One example they use in the article is where the US workers took a panel off the back of the Chinese TV, put a Chinese made circuit board in it, reinstalled the cover, and stamped it "assembled in the USA". What kind of BS is that?

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It's a way to get around taxes and shit.

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What kind you ask..? Pure, 100% cold-pressed (..not even virgin) outright Bull Dookie! You nailed it Dfens, right on the button. I am an EE an I've seen this BS perpetrated from the inside from within the industry. Easy proof is to go to Home Depot an take a casual walk down the Electrical Dept. I can guarantee you that 98% of what's on the shelves came from or was major-component produced someplace in Asia.

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I am an Electrical Engineer. (MSEE) Prior to that I repaired TV's and Stereo Systems while I was growing up in the 80's. I have seen the insides of Element TV sets. They use 100% foreign outsourced OEM components in these Sets. The IC chips, resistors, inductors, capacitors, speakers and other parts all come from either China, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea. The LCD screen is made in Korea. The plastic case was molded/made in China. The PC boards are put together in China, along with the wiring harness. Even the fasteners (screws, standoffs etc..) All the parts are then shipped to SC where they are put together. Then they slap an "Assembled in USA" label on it. To say this TV is in any way 'USA Made' is 100% Pure BULLSHIT. Period.

Element Electronics is what in the Electronics Industry is termed as a "Contract Manufacturing / Light Industrial Facility". I served in the capacity of an EE at a CM in PA for 11 Years. ALL of the electronics components we used came from Asia. None were produced in the USA. A few metal chassis and injection molded components were made in the USA but these were the exception. I can assure you that, apart from electronics components used in Defense and Aerospace applications, every single electronic, electro-mechanical and supporting components used in consumer goods sold in the USA probably came from Asia. Same goes for Cars & Trucks. All the electronic parts in American and German and Japanese cars today come from China, Korea, Vietnam or Thailand. The battle is lost. Asia has won. I'm sorry.

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Tell me about it!! Can not say too much here, for reasons which will be obvious, but I have personally been called to be "Consulting Expert" in several instances, to explain and point out to 'Legal Authority" what were suspected of being Counterfeit Components which were being promoted as MIL-Spec rated. Can't go into too much details, but this report says alot: https://www.businessinsider.com/counterfeit-parts-from-china-raise-grave-concerns-for-both-us-companies-and-national-security-2012-6

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don't the tariffs only apply to PRC and not tye other asian countries ?

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Yes. China olly. That's where it can get dicey as China OEM's alot of stuff to subsidiary factories in Vietnam, Laos and even Taiwan.

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So they just closed before they knew what actual effect the tariffs would have on their business? What idiot is their CFO? They're going to feel really stupid if the Chinese lower their prices to compensate, or if the tariff doesn't actually go through. Smells like they were already closing and they have a Jew boss who saw an opportunity to pin it on Trump.

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Element TVs suck!

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The real story is the investors of Element have a great opportunity now in IC manufacturing.

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The whole point of WalMart is to sell shit that has been made in China.

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