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if we find content that violates our guidelines and is harmful to users we will remove those apps from the store as we have done previously.

Apple Will Keep Carefully Sets Goundwork To Delete Infowars App

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Is it just me or does the whole thing scream honeypot/LARP. There's always the speculation that Alex J is controlled opposition.

Create unrest online by blanket banning > shortage creates demand > app remains > downloads spike > location service, camera and mic access.

One app I won't be going near.

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He's like the Bill O'Rielly of conspiracy theories to me, I may agree with them on some things but I can't stand listening to em after a while, especially for a 3 hour show, that's just too much screaming in my ear.

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He married a jew, hasn’t named the jew in over 20 years, and


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They don’t need an app for that.

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This whole event just screams that there's something ulterior going on. First AJ gets censored, and everyone and their mom knows about it and goes out of their way to download Infowars stuff, then Apple reverts and says "nah don't worry about it, go ahead and download, it's cool." I wouldn't be surprised to see the other ones who "deplatformed" Jones to pretty soon follow Apple's example.

Shit does not smell right.

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The US DOJ and the EU will use any form of preferential treatment in the app store, ESPECIALLY POLITICAL, as grounds for forcing apple to allow competing app stores!

Lawsuits have been sabre rattling for a decade.

That straw would break the camels back.

Apples lawyers know that. Even though the SJW want to ban the app, they know they cant.

Google wants to ban it but instead yesterday afternoon google made the app a "non person" and if you search for hottest 100 apps in Google Play Store you get only app 2 through 100, app number one will not render or display on screen.

The HIDDEN APP is Alex Jone's InfoWars App! Watch the youtube videos on this censorship its funny. Or try it yourself.

Apple displays "Fox News App" when you search for InfoWars App in iTunes app store search. I tried it!!!

The jews and the left are trying hard to destroy Alex Jones because of his relentless exposes of pedophile hollywood and democrat crime coverups

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The US DOJ and the EU will use any form of preferential treatment in the app store, ESPECIALLY POLITICAL, as grounds for forcing apple to allow competing app stores!

For all the things the EU does wrong, they do get some things right. While I don't live in the EU zone, their policies regarding net neutrality and commitment to keeping markets competitive is the reason I have 5 ISPs where I live, all delivering with fiber and none of them having data caps.

If only some of the more nutbag countries like Germany and the UK would simmer down with their censorship and surveillance laws...

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They left the app because they can use that app to track, period. It's also a good way to hedge their bets if the winds of change blow in inforwars favor.

E: Your down was a compelling counter-argument.

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how did we get to where non-censorship is now news? smh

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Bill Clinton is a rapist. Infowars.com

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How magnanimous of them!

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looks like someone has run some numbers and worked out just how much profit they would be down by banning half of their revenue stream.

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