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The jews, the jews, the jews, and the jews

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And all the webs voaters fucking love such as Gabai, DuckDuckGo, etc are 100% kosher as well.

What makes you think that voat is not a jewish controlled honeypot?

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Voat has been jew-controlled ever since the great outage of 2018. They jews hijacked the site and took control. Now they're monitoring everything that's posted here

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We could use a decentralized protocol for the net.

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Internet protocols are already decentralized. Its just the hardware (cables and routers) that is owned by a few large entities.

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We need it really quick, it is obvious they will shutdown the internet as we know it soon. Thankfully couple of good folks are working on projects like altheamesh.com That being said latency can be expected to be horrible, so I really don't know what else humans can do. Quantum communication would be really helpful but I doubt governments will ever make it publicly available.

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Sounds like its time to go like the Romanians did and just start our own mesh network.

Once they got the commie bastards out of the way it was a free for all and turned them from one of the shittiest internet places in the world to one of the best.

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I doubt governments are going to be able to effectively replicate the tech

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the jews, more jews, jew puppets

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I disagree. The Internet can still be used in a lot of ways that those companies disagree with, but are powerless to do anything about.

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Microsoft threatens GAB that they will shut them down, permanently, if they don't ban conservative speech. https://gab.ai/a/posts/31242665

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They can find a different service or make their own. They don't have to use Microsoft.

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Apparently we need a new net this ones forked

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Quantum entanglement will fix it. Just not very soon.

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Who owns the interwebs?

Something more like 'Interconnectedness of companies through shared board members' makes sense... oh wait, that is the title of the graphic.

These companies dont 'own the interwebs'

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I was late. Why use so many words when one four letter word is all you need?

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Just say "Jews." It's quicker and more accurate.

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