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Strawman - No one says that corporations can't be corrupt.

Only that it's easier to replace or ignore a corporation than to replace or ignore a government.

You can choose between voat and reddit, you can't choose to ignore your governments hatespeech laws if you live in the Eu. The free market gives choice while the government is a monopoly.

You can choose not to use facebook. The chances that you can use government to turn facebook into a trustworthy company is absurd, it's probably supported by government agencies.

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Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton will never be president even a little bit.

Yeah, I appreciate that Donald trump is president. He's a businessman / capitalist and he named ayn rand as one of his favorite writers. Ayn rand is almost considered gospel among free market anarchists.

He's not a ron paul but he's the next best thing and he can get things done.

You say a prayer to the free market gods and walk away.

And you say a prayer to the government god and walk away.


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People like him confuse the literal ability to make a decision with the power to choose. "Do you want me to cut out your left eye, or your right?" Truth is, for the vast majority of things online, there is no real choice to be made.


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Some people don't want to live in the world birthed by Shadowrun fucking Blade Runner.