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The only regulations that should exist are those limiting the power of government and corporations.



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It often baffles me how people of a certain political persuasion, in believing governments can only be inept and corrupt due to the inherent power they wield, will then profess belief in the incorruptibility of corporations who must necessarily maintain an angelic status of total sainthood in absence of government. In reality it's just a different kind of tyranny, and the same people proposing it are just inverted socialists who likewise believe their preferred power can do no wrong.

Meanwhile actual liberals want limitations on powers of corporations and government so the people, as individuals, can have maximum freedom. Otherwise any group of individuals, whether labeling itself a "corporation" or "government", can simply usurp those individual rights by exercising coercive force on any given minority. In the back of my mind I'm starting to suspect people who propose such actually do, in their heart of hearts, yearn for a day to exercise such force and use the chains of a false "freedom" to exert it.

Just some musings on the subject as I am definitely no fan of corporatist apologia either.


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Corporations are limited by the property they own. If they turn bad, we can just stop purchasing their products/services. We aren't compelled to support them.


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Strawman - No one says that corporations can't be corrupt.

Only that it's easier to replace or ignore a corporation than to replace or ignore a government.

You can choose between voat and reddit, you can't choose to ignore your governments hatespeech laws if you live in the Eu. The free market gives choice while the government is a monopoly.

You can choose not to use facebook. The chances that you can use government to turn facebook into a trustworthy company is absurd, it's probably supported by government agencies.


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https://archive.fo/8mANe :

ISPs’ listed speeds drop up to 41% after UK requires accurate advertising | Ars Technica

'Previously, ISPs were allowed to advertise broadband speeds of "up to" a certain amount, even if only one in 10 customers could ever get those speeds, Which? wrote. '

'Virgin Media was the only ISP whose advertised speeds went up after the rule change. '

'"The new advertised speed is now more than a third lower at 10Mbps or 11Mbps."'

'"TalkTalk has completely dropped advertising speed claims from most of its deals," the consumer group also said. ', "The US doesn't have similar rules for broadband speed ads, although the US ad industry's self-regulatory body sometimes tells ISPs to cancel misleading ads."

This has been an automated message.


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Speed tests vary on a number of factors. Its pretty difficult to say what youll actually get when most people run a test from a cell phone connected to their wifi thats then connected to a modem then to the ISP, then to the site theyre testing to. Thats a lot of extra equipment that could really give you bad results.

Im all for being more accurate about the advertised speed, but most pople dont connect their PC directly to the modem then do a speed test.

This, to me, is another instance of stupidity forcing the governments hand to be 'more honest' when the consumer is equally at fault.

Do these tier III ISPs claim speeds? Sure. Do we, as customers fuck it up? Of course. But for some reson we go to the government to play parent, instead of calling the ISP and doing a good speed test, or an IPERF test within our MPLS.

But the new advertising rules mean that at least half of customers must now be able to get an advertised average speed, even during peak times (8-10pm)," the group said.

So they're forcing advertisments to tell consumers speeds at peak hours so people arent disappointed. Seems fair, but most people kind of already knew that, like expect to take longer to get home in rushhour.


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As much as I shit on my ISP for being a terrible business entity run by evil wankstains and staffed by third-world street shitters, I do at least get the speed I pay for. Technically more.

Current Plan: "Up to 100mbps"

Speedtest: 120mbps

And anytime I'm downloading a game/update, I'm maxing that out.


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Im supposed to be getting up to 100 as well, but the best I ever got on a speed test is 75


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Speedtests are a little weird no matter what, I think. Something like speedof.me that's supposed to show "real world" speeds consistently under-reports what I ACTUALLY get when doing large downloads.

But for just checking the raw line speed, I normally use speedtest.net, since I know the closest major node to my area, and it happens to host a test server. I'm also lucky in that the results I get on that almost always match what I see in real-world usage.


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You can literally measure how much corporations lie to you.

I wonder how different things would be if everyone assumed 41% of what they heard from them was bullshit?


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This used to ring true as being misleading, now when you call to sign up for an internet connection, they test and provide you your maximum theoretical speeds, and if they don't attain them by at least 90%+, there's usually a problem to be repaired.


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One day my fiber was being throttled, funny how I call up and suddenly everything is back to normal. They want to schedule appointments, waste my fucking time for no reason. This was 4 weeks ago, did the issue fix itself or are they fuckhead assholes?


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Fucking UK, they fuck everything else up but mange to pass a law that that actually makes senes

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