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Give it a week. Encyclopedia Dramatica will have a 100% accurate article about her.

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Say what you will, but those articles are objective to the point of misery; they hide the truth behind a very translucent veneer of comedy. If anyone for some insane reason doesn't know what it is, enjoy: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Main_Page

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You can tell which topics are the most contentious by comparing the ED and Wikipedia articles.

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ED is awesome! Voaters who haven't been there should go check it out.


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Because there is so much contradicting information online, what we need is jewish websites telling us what to believe. Now shut up and continue volunteering.

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Arrogant asshole is wrongthink for straight talker.

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Seems like a cool guy, but what does "Vox Day" have to do with anything?

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Look at the talk page for her wikipedia page, it looks like there was an editing war and the page was locked until a consensus was reached on how to address it. The discussion is a train wreck, an interesting read and a great example of denial.

Edit - forgot link:

Talk:Sarah Jeong - Wikipedia

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Any time there's a dispute on Wikipedia, it's always the leftist, smug, know-it-all neckbeards who have their version reinstalled prior to the freeze. They know the tortuously complicated Wikipedia rules inside and out, and can use the bureaucracy to get their way.

Note this too: the section on the talk page that discusses this is called "I think Sarah Jeong's controversial tweets should be mentioned." They already framed the argument so that everyone who wants to add information must be on the defensive.

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They don't even bother following the rules anymore. They just declare you guilty of breaking them and have a half dozen paid admins working out of the same PR office agree. When the user points out that no rules were broken, they get banned for "disruption" and "treating wikipedia as a battleground."

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This is how SJW cancer destroys everything

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bureaucracy is the weapon of the left

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NPOV is a religion Wikipedians follow like a Baptist in his cups.

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ThePostOnline is an explicitly right-wing news site, according to wikipedia's own article on it, and therefore not a reliable source.

Ironic, as Wikipedia is a pretty explicitly left-wing site, and therefore not reliable.

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What exactly will it take for the cucked masses to finally wake the fuck up?

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Nothing short of violence, at this point. Talking to them nicely hasn't worked. Shouting at them hasn't worked. Counter-protesting hasn't worked. Scathing memes haven't worked. Debating them online/in person hasn't changed anything.

I'm convinced that the cucks will only come to terms with reality once the reality of warfare is shown to them, first-hand. I hope it doesn't have to come to that, but it seems like that's where we're heading. Throughout history, before almost every war, there are warning signs. Many of those signs are already visible.

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Doesn't have to be warfare, just take out their leaders until the problem is corrected.

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Stop using Wikipedia

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circle the wagons!

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Oy vey!! Shut it down!! The goyim will know!!!

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