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There is one aspect about that site which I DO NOT like. The fact you must Sign Up and Register with them before you can download their Adaptive Manufacturing Files. To me this is a huge Red Flag and a way for firearms unfriendly States like NJ, NY and MD to quickly compile a list of Members and use the same as an excuse to knock on your door and harassment. Sorry. I like the concept of 3D Manufactured sidearms, but for now I am not buying into it. Smells to much to us like an FBI entrapment 'honeypot'.

ps: One other aspect to consider, one purely technical. Most of the polymers these '3D' Adaptive Manufacturing devices use is a heat melted and UV cured ABS or similar. Supplied on a continuous flexible circular or oval ribbon or strip wound on a reel, much like a roll of electrical or plumbing solder. (..think that roll of Kester Solder you got out in the shop up on the pegboard ) My materials background tells me these 'plastic guns' will likely begin to melt under the heat of exploding gunpowder, lose their tight dynamic tolerances or structural integrity due to thermal and/or resonant vibrational shock generated from the exploding powder and muzzle blast-wave. Put simply, IMHO, the 3D printed guns, at present, will never match up to commercially produced firearms due to the present limited selection of Polymer Materials used by these 3D printers (heat vulnerability) and the inherent layered structure matrices they are presently fabricated with. (vibration shock and/or fracturing vulnerability) and finally their cost and time of manufacture. Someday perhaps in a Year or two as the Materials and Manufacturing and related cost gap narrows (for the home-base'd hobbyist user) and more robust carbon-fibre based polymer materials or similar become available, these novelty sidearms may be a viable alternative to conventionally produced firearms. https://www.engineering.com/AdvancedManufacturing/ArticleID/16955/Additive-Manufacturing-Materials-for-Production.aspx

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Well best thing to do then is use a VPN and register the account under one of your state representatives names and address.

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While we're on the topic of shady things, here's a convenient site to generate valid fake info exactly for stuff like this. It even makes valid fake creditcard numbers and IBANs (that haven't been assigned to anyone yet). Someone suggested it to me for signing up for software trials, but it sounds good for this purpose too...


Could the site have ulterior motives? Maybe. But I tried it out for a trial on a streaming site and it worked, so I don't really care.

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this is a great idea! to bad the website is shutdown now.

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Caeser, you're a dangerous man. I like your thinking!

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Had me laughing on that idea! Great one. :)

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What I don't like, not enough faggots own real guns....





I own something from each of these companies and a few more, all manufactures from the same state, I also sell guns at the gunshows.... What I don't get is why some crook, con-man, criminal, or crazy person doesn't want to buy a real gun?

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Because they have no argument to take your guns away if everyone has access to them.

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The only way this really affects americans it that it is now possible "own a gun" virtually without any registration or getting on a list (assuming you don't put your name down when you download the model). So it is really just a stop against gun-control ever getting a foothold in America.

But, consider other countries (most) where guns are illegal; this is a way of circumventing controls. Now almost anyone has a way of getting a firearm, even if it is shitty.

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So upload them to tpb then poopbutt and use a vpn

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They're already all on every major torrent site, MEGA, etc

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451: We're sorry, but due to unprecedented legal efforts to impose prior restraints on the freedom of speech, DEFCAD is currently blocked on all mobile devices.

If you would like to access DEFCAD, please do so on a desktop computer.


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Interesting that means they are collecting and acting on a chunk of the data stream to identify you just at connection.

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It's called a useragent string and it's part of the data every website sees about you even without javascript enabled

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So distribute the file on a USB

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install a real browser with extension support and spoof your useragent

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cloudflare "please enable javascript and reload" plus a login wall

link to the file directly

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Just host the file, nobody is going to register to download this shit when you can just torrent it from TPB.

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I wonder if I downloaded one of these files that I would be arrested, cause I am a felon and they say I can not have firearms. The government might try to say that me simply possessing the file is possessing a firearm.

I can have crossbows though. And I do

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I wouldn't risk that shit at home. Use a library computer.

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A lower receiver is a firearm.

Granted, that won't stop them from coming up with any manner of bullshit.

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If it's not printed out, is it still a firearm?

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Buy yourself a .50 cal air rifle. Yes they exist and they are deadly

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and that's legal?

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is a printout on firearm manufacturing a firearm?

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No. There’s no way that would hold up in court

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according to the government it may be, they are nuts

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I still dont get why this is such a big deal all of a sudden. You’ve always been able to manufacture your own firearms and you don’t have to register them. If being able to print a gun is such a big deal, then why did no one ever say anything when you could purchase 80% lowers online in 5 seconds

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