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They apparently missed the memo that sticking to one method and perfecting it is the route to go. Shame. Could have been a good thing.


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It really could have. Then they decided to create .Net framework and .Net core, and make it uni directional compatible from .Net Core -> .Net Framework but not the opposite way(It may be opposite, but the point still stands). So if you start off with the wrong class type, you have to recreate the entire project, and this doesn't become known until after two libraries are created. Then the wrapper libraries for core are called XX.Core.YY, not to be confused with .Net framework libraries, which have the XXCore.YY notation...

Edit: Also python and Java for the most part work out of the box and are platform independent. .Net added that feature AFTER the initial implementation, so it's all over the place.


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I just wish we could all go back to regular binary programming. Simple and to the point.