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Between Wine and VMs I think the only thing missing in Ubuntu is the hibernation/sleep modes that always seems to fuck things up and is probably a serious security threat anyway.


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You still can't play games on linux. But unless you're a beta male, that won't impact your life.


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Clarify? You can sleep Ubuntu (it's called something different though). Just hold alt before clicking the off button.


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Sleep and hibernation works. Your config may be wrong – if you use swap partition and added RAM there will be an obvious problem with hibernation. Or if you're running the half-year ubuntu version something is really broken, those are sketchy sometimes.
If that isn't the case, the problems are hardware related. If you want to use Linux as your daily driver, you buy hardware to work with it. That means no craptops below "business" tier – get at least a thinkpad or a latitude (those will run linux fine, because some large corporate clients demand that). Also to be sure it's really working – don't rush for bleeding edge hardware.