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I'm sure this has nothing to do whatsoever with Pajeet CEO opening a new headquarters in Pajeet's homeland and hiring hundreds of Pajeets.

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Didn't said pajeet mention something about avoiding hiring white people?

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So it means pajeets. Niggers would be way worse in finding code on stack overflow to copy from.

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hundreds? Try thousands. Bill Gates essentially sold Microsoft to Indians

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This is an interesting point. Does anybody have more info on Microsoft hiring practices recently? Has there been any kind of noticeable shift?

https://minimsft.blogspot.com was a fascinating read into their internal business practices, but it hasn't been updated regularly for many years.

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Now when I get called by Microsoft support I won't be able to tell if they're scammers by their Indian accents.

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Microtard mostly employs a bunch of street shitters now. The only thing of value left is the brand that companies still buy blindly because they don't know any better.

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As someone who used to develop in .Net, let me be the first to say fuck that language. Their have been so many revisions to it in the past 2 years alone, no one can fucking keep up anymore. Anonymous tuples? Metadata programming? Dynamic Expando objects? Reflection based programming by assembly? Why doesn't .Net stick to one construct, instead of merging Javascript, Python and misery into .Net. IT was a great language, but let's just re define properties for the lulz. Let's also do dynamic reflection on DLL files, and ignore access modifiers through binding flags. Like WTF?! Doesn't that negate the entire point of access modifiers?

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They apparently missed the memo that sticking to one method and perfecting it is the route to go. Shame. Could have been a good thing.

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used to develop in .Net, let me be the first to say fuck that language

You don't have to compile.


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Microsoft is pretty much a broken shell of itself now. The fact that upgrade to Win 10 was free for a while should speak for itself. Sadly, there's no decent alternatives at the time aside from Linux. And the majority of people are too lazy to learn using it.

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If Linux came packaged with laptops it would be no problem because the real issue is installing it without giving up. Usability wise it's very stable these days, try something like Kubuntu for example, takes 5 mins to learn.

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Well they need to break more shells, stock and profit at all time high,by extension they're making us at my co-op rich, while *nix, I spite of these "failures" can't crack 3% marketshare.

Broken, lol,comeback to reality kid.

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Just use linux, anyone who is still on winbloze is a cuckold

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This is on par for MS at this point. It's an Indian company operating as a US company. Diversity is just a way to force more pajeets in, under the guise of virtue signalling. I wouldn't be surprised if some big players like MS and Apple go bankrupt in under one generation.

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Between Wine and VMs I think the only thing missing in Ubuntu is the hibernation/sleep modes that always seems to fuck things up and is probably a serious security threat anyway.

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Yah windows 10 cant even manage shared libraries its a fucking worthless piece of shit. Windows 10 is made by low grade indian workers and it shows.

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Hire some more 68iq nigerian witch doctors to code your shit, bros.

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This is an engineered scenario. In the near future, this will be used to help justify forcing you onto a cloud-based OS.

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Maybe W10 is meant to be broken all the time.

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They saw how spyware makers were making money so they became the spyware.

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With .NET core they literally exploded the number of versions exponentially to a point where even the die hard fanatics have given up.

Every time some team starts up with .NET Core the first 2 hours is yet another stupid .NET Core update and a broken system.

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