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Checkout fakespot.com, it checks to see how much of the amazon reviews are fake and gives you the real rating.

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Most of these ratings systems are pay-to-play. If you pay, you get good reviews. If you don't pay, they'll give you bad reviews.

These are mafia ran operations.

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Also reviewmeta.com

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Looks useful. I buy on Amazon occasionally, but generally research stuff for awhile first. Reviews are a big factor, but they have to be credible, and address the questions I'm wondering about.

Also just had a $175 box be shown as delivered a couple weeks ago, but never saw it. They refunded the money when I did that customer chat thing, and price matched the original order.

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Amazon games it's own review system, allows 5-star botting campaigns, and restricts bad reviews.

News at 11 that will surprise absolutely fucking nobody.

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Don't be a black pill. The author did a serious analysis. Give him credit. Or do you just want to remain a cynic, lie down, and let them win?

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Can buy everything from amazon, but MUCH CHEAPER, from aliexpress.com / alibaba.com / etc any chinese site. Slower shipping.

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Not surprised there. These rating systems, are in place to manipulate the customers and not help them.

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I think it helps, but only read the in-depth reviews that are not copypasta that you feel seem sincere.

Especially negative reviews where they start posting pictures of the problems.

[–] PsychoDesign 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

True, it may help in cases but still to manipulate your perception of the product.

[–] EndTheFed2 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

All to sell more product. Whatever it takes. Fuck integrity.

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I was unable to leave a review for a satisfactory item using my iPad. Yet, the review went through no problem using a PC. Go figure. Very first thing I do is read the negatives. If the negatives are more than 10%, I read no further, and promptly go on to the next item.

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Amazon rating system is HIGHLY MANIPULATED

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Your comment has been removed because it violates our review guidelines. Can you be a little more positive next time? /s

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I've always liked Amazon for its review system (eBay tried but failed). Recently Amazon won't even let me answer questions or post reviews. Fuck 'em if they don't want genuine contributions.

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It seems a lot of reviewers have received a free item in exchange for their review.

Having not paid anything I think they are likelier to be happy with their 'purchase'. I suspect if they posted lots of negative reviews they wouldn't be welcome in this program.

[–] prairie 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Now I always skim the review near the end for the "I received a discount but cross my heart, it hasn't influenced this review". My ass it hasn't.

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Is somehow suprised that kikes game the system. Before we paid customers a discount or money to the costumers if they left a positive review, because customers are extremely likely to leave negative review then a positive review. Then Amazon changed the system by virtue signaling and forbidding this practice because we were essentially buying good votes. Now we pay Amazon under the table by them taking a larger cut to censor negative reviews. How hard is to grasp this?

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