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Remember when progressives loved wikileaks. What a bunch of hypocrites!!!

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only because wikileaks were pointing out the 'conservitive's wrong doing. When the shoe is on the other foot, he is a evil hacker, and pedo.

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Remember when wikileaks published Podesta's emails but are now refusing to publish Manafort's (daughter's) texts? Wikileaks is a partisan entity now.

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Progressive here. I love Wikileaks.

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First of all that lizard can't be man of the year.

At most it would be the alien of the year.

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What's the second point?

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Its all in the hips.

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No, the media' priorities are not skewed. They're consistent and evil.

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I did not know Fuckerberg has curly hair.

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In other news, rain is wet

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The way they are drawing up consent agreements, you could agree and disagree, and consent and not consent all at the same time!

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Just to live a normal life in the modern US you have to agree to a thousand things you don't even have time to read. And if you read them and disagree you still have little choice. The fewer unreasonable contracts you agree to the further from society you are pushed. And I'm not talking about relative luxuries like using Hey Google on a smartphone, I'm talking about having a job, renting an apartment, buying a car, or having a bank account. I don't think it's a conspiracy. It's the courts responsibility to reign in too-powerful corporations and they're not doing that.

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