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Secure sites effectively ensure that content can’t be altered between you and the server, and that’s a good thing. However, my big problem with this move towards secure sites everywhere is the death of the open web. Every extra hoop to jump through to make a website, or every little certificate you have to sign up for, just puts another barrier between an average everyday person putting up a website or just relying on one of the walled gardens like Facebook.

The random independent blog about gardening or politics or welding or aliens where ideas can be discussed without the weight of censorship looming over you just feels like a dying relic.

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Google has warned all the users about it a long time ago.

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Do they really want to make internet more secure or earn more money on certificates?

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You can make your own SSL certs.

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True, but SSL certificates are not only for privacy and security. They are also to proof you really are on the company webpage, for example bank. It is to fight with phishing. So, your SSL certificate should be authorized by "trusted" certificate authority. And it costs. In my opinion not every webpage require SSL certificate. For example static webpages like blogs. So why google tries to force them to get the certificate?

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Revision 2: any non http site will be perma banned from chrome as a security "feature"

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Its not chrome, its retarded sys admins not renewing authentication certificates after being told 6 months ago a couple of the er... companies or whatever were being shut down.

Meanwhile its pretty much the non social media equivalent of 'hey guys did you know you could get free $500 vouchers if you click like and fill out your details?' - the answer keeps getting slammed around but people keep asking the question.