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Companies regularly do that sort of stuff and I would like to pretend hobbyist developers have learned to disassociate their project with the original game they mimic/tribute

Colossal Order made lots of money by making the spiritual sequel to Sim City EA never made and naming it something different.

I know programmers struggle to make decent graphics as well, but seriously anyone willing to spend hundreds of hours coding a hobby project could spend a couple dozen hours learning some quick & dirty tricks for making passable simple art and making said art.

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The Dark Mod ( is an example of how to do it right. It is heavily inspired by Thief. They went with the Doom 3 engine, which is now open source, meaning the game is completely free and doesn't require Doom 3 to play, and they are now adding new features onto it, like soft shadows, multicore support, and more.

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FUCKING bookmarked

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Well, there goes my evening :-) This looks awesome