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While it is billed as an “open source” version, the remake did include original artwork, belonging to Electronic Arts. These images and sounds are definitely not free to use, something the developer is fully aware of now.

Dumbasses. You gotta distribute the new code and then tell the user to link to the original data files, then extract the assets on the fly. That's how other remakes do it.

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OpenTTD does this I think. But they also have their own free graphics and music.

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excuse me while i proceed to torrent and seed every single fucking simcity game that has ever existed.

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So more support for EA's junk rather than the open-source version (testing, feedback, bug fixes).

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I owned a legal copy a long ass time ago, I'll be damned if I'm going to give EA a cent just because I can't track down the old cd at my parents house

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Well the dev did use copyrighted assets. Should've been more discreet and tried going a different way of remaking the game. Kudos to him for doing a good deed.

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While the original game is a quarter-century old, the publisher points out that the assets are not free to use, adding that a copy of the game can still be purchased legally.

I hate EA as much as the next guy but they seem to have a valid complaint in this case.

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Companies regularly do that sort of stuff and I would like to pretend hobbyist developers have learned to disassociate their project with the original game they mimic/tribute

Colossal Order made lots of money by making the spiritual sequel to Sim City EA never made and naming it something different.

I know programmers struggle to make decent graphics as well, but seriously anyone willing to spend hundreds of hours coding a hobby project could spend a couple dozen hours learning some quick & dirty tricks for making passable simple art and making said art.

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The Dark Mod (www.thedarkmod.com) is an example of how to do it right. It is heavily inspired by Thief. They went with the Doom 3 engine, which is now open source, meaning the game is completely free and doesn't require Doom 3 to play, and they are now adding new features onto it, like soft shadows, multicore support, and more.

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FUCKING bookmarked

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Well, there goes my evening :-) This looks awesome

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Just another reason to never support EA again, as if I needed any of those. I'll never understand the modern trend of game companies making customers hate them. EA is not the only one to go down this route; many of them have.

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Sadly companies must sue others using their art and intellectual property because they would otherwise set a precedent that it is ok to use that specific property. Granted there are ways to make arrangements but it can be too much of a hassle and work sometimes.tldr; if companies dobt protect their IPs anyone can use them

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