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Looks like if this really becomes a thing, Linux it is. Before anyone asks, I currently don't use it because I have software I use that won't work on Linux and don't care to dual boot or set up a virtual machine when I can just have one OS that does it all.

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Linux user since 1997 and I get you. For me the one hold-out is still Quicken, which I run in a VM. I run it full-screen so it feels like I'm on Win 7 however I've played with the seamless mode. Makes it look like "just another app." There are reasons to dislike a vm but I've also found the vm's snapshot ability solves many Windows upgrade and patch gotchas -- snapshot before, do whatever, and click "revert" if anything isn't right. Never could do that properly on a Windows box, even with restore points.

Kubuntu feels really friendly and Windows-ish enough. Sucks to have to make choices and compromises but it's going to get worse. We've ended the days of innovation for the sake of advancement and empowerment. Now we're in the days of control and greed.

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The only thing that has kept me off Linux is their lack of Gaming support, which seems to be coming around in the last few years. I've messed with some of the flavors of linux that are closer to windows machines like: Ubuntu, Fedora Core and Mandrake. If most linux devs could get their gaming support & Windows type programs running for the Average user, I bet you would see a larger migration off of M$'s Everything as a service platform.

And I used to drink their KoolAid for many years until I left the mothership years ago.

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KVM, Virtual Box or what?

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Not to go off on a tangent, but I support and install Web Connect, Express WebConnect and Direct Connect for Quicken, and for the life of me, I dont know why people use Quicken or Quickbooks. Why not just log into your bank and download your transactions there?

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Troof naaaagaaaa

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Yeah, this will be the last windows operating system i ever use. That said, i'm perfectly stable on 7.

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Im not using windows 10 its a steaming piece of dog poo. Win7 is the best OS until support runs out in 2020, at that point I'll probably switch to Mac, especially if Microsoft starts making "internet only" versions of their OS.

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I don't know a lot about it, but some versions of LInux have WINE, which will run windows programs. https://www.winehq.org/

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*some windows programs. But it definitely is getting better every day. Best if you could find an open source native alternative to those windows programs but in many cases that remains a pipe dream for now.

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You can run Wine on any distro, as long as you have either a 32 bit version OR a 64 bit one with 32 bit compatibility, which is essentially every distro out there.

Wine doesn't automatically run every program though, and some it won't run at all.

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Also see PlayonLinux in junction with wine.

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You should familiarize yourself with linux though. That is why I suggest having a virtual machine of linux at least, to do your every day stuff on.

But you are right, dual-booting is a pain in the ass. Especially for gamers.

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Most people are not aware of this but you can boot your windows drive off linux, that way you only have boot it for real if you can't set up gpu virtualization or some other hardware quirk.

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Dual booting is not near as bad as it used to be if you have your OS installed on SSD. I can reboot from one system to another in under 30 seconds on an old Dell i5 laptop.

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I already shun the cloud. I don't want my traditional PC to be a service. I don't trust third parties. I want local storage, local hardware and local OS.

And I do not trust (((Bill Gates)))

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Bill and Melinda Gates are both Catholic. Both are members of Legatus, which is who gives the marching orders to Bilderberg.

Voaters need to understand that high-level catholics are just as bad as high-level Jews, and create an equivalent to (((echoes))) for them.

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The only way you can be sure about your data is to store it locally, and back it up. I'm with you, I don't trust the cloud, subscription services, or Microsoft. Up til now I haven't made the switch to Linux, but I have no intention of subscribing on a yearly basis to get my operating system. I won't do it for my office software, and I won't do it for my OS, either. So this may very well finally push me over to Linux.

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I've been very happy with LibreOffice for this very reason. I'm not going to subscribe to any "service." When I need to replace my Win7 machines, I'll have to learn to Linux . . .

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I've been using Linux for many years now, couldn't ever dream of going back.

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As long as you have hardware that fully supports it, it really is the bee's knees. Had to update my skills by learning software in a new field, recently. Was smart this time, and chose to stick with all the OSS variants of whatever I need. Getting great results; maybe because I'm approaching them with an open mind/clean slate, and not, say: migrating from Adobe Illustrator to InkScape, cold turkey.

Buying a separate, second-hand Mac Pro soon, for certain software that I use which is just infinitely better supported on Mac than Windows, and that will be it. Windows partition will go *poof*, and my normie/gaming PC will be turned in to a minimal NetBSD server which runs OS instances in VMs; to fuck with and host pet projects. Never looking back.

EDIT: I know that "NetBSD" isn't linux; I just like it as a server OS. My laptop (and the wife's, for that matter) runs linux. I'm currently messing with elementaryOS, and she likes Ubuntu.

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I tried Linux ... maybe me but it was a nightmare ...

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So we are back to mainframe computing with dumb clients?

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Sun Microsystems plz go

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I wish Microsoft would follow Ralph into the sunset.

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Is that how Solaris worked? I wasn't really around in those days

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Everything old is new again.

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Latency-sensitive tasks (window dragging, pinch-and-zoom, typing, etc.) will be local. Everything else will be remote.

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And if you have no internet connection? Your OS won't work....ah, good plan.

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so you're saying anyone that stays with windows is a dumb client. ;)

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hahahaha, I like the way you think.

[–] stradian 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

My coworkers will still complain about windows, but will refuse to jump to *nix (including macOS) because they have been conditioned that there is no other viable option. I don't know how many straws it will take to break Cooperate America's back.

I had a story of a hospital databases being taken over by ransomware, because the hospital policy gave too many users unrestricted read and write access to the share. It has always been an uphill battle for Windows sysadmins to balance locking down the OS, granting credentials, and proving expedient data. Why all of this mess? The doctors and nurses depend on Windows and any change will hamper their ability to do their job. Even moving share access to a "virtual machine jail" would complicate things too much for these inepts. Millions was lost and the 0.37 BTC to possibly get it back was an insult to injury. They never got a key.

When a new wave of ransomware hits (and it will, its a question of when), then windows prompts for its yearly payment, will be the day Windows sysadmins throw in the towel. I can already see the shill articles now: "Windows is becoming subscription based and that is a good thing."

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Linux will see a major increase if this happens

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with each MS release, apple and linux gets an uptick. i personally gave up at windows 8 for fedora and cent

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I still use windows 7

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And I welcome that increase!

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Same, maybe it's finally make my lazy ass go through with the switch

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Bullshit, this will be an option at best or a complete failure at worst, not a replacement, and for one single reason: Gamers. Does the article writer, Micro$oft, or anyone here really think the massive juggernaut that is the gaming industry would work with this model?!? Does anyone really think gamers, who cry "unfair" and "greedy" when an online game has the nerve to ask them to pay a few bucks to access a game server, are going to accept paying a subscription for their operating system, which is needed to run their games, and is the very backbone of their computer's software environment?!?

And this doesn't even scratch the surface of school usage, or any other mass-deployment.

Nope. You so much as hint that people will need to cough up a regular fee to run their computer, and watch what happens.

Why does voat fall for so much fucking clickbait?

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You don't know normie gamers then, they would pay for it, they would bitch but still pay for it so they can get their moba or last man standing garbage on

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I didn't really intend to deceive Voat or anything. I am skeptical as well, but I thought I'd share this because it is a legitimate concern. With the way Windows 10 is designed to be a cloud/desktop OS, it does seem like a service-based OS is the next logical step. Big name companies have made completely retarded decisions in the past, so while it would surprise me if they did try a subscription-type service, I wouldn't fall over and die from the shock of them doing something that stupid.

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Like when I quit gaming when an internet connection was required for validation so I said screw this.

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This is for enterprise. Microsoft is tired of the 2003/XP problem (as well as over-license usage in enterprise) and wants more control over the enterprise install base. They are willing to provide more support for it also. Considering that most companies pay licensing yearly by seat anyway this is not that huge of a change other than extra MS support and quicker version upgrades.

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Gamers are addicts, they need their fix more than anything else, and if that involves sucking off Bill's Dill, they'll line up to do it.

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So the first of every month we pay our electric bill, our water bill, and our windows bill? I actually laughed out loud just thinking that. The last windows "update" that i didn't want caused me to wait an hour and a half watching a screen telling me not to turn off my computer, while i very much needed to be using my computer. And in return for the patience was given a pc that would no longer perform the much needed functions i waited an hour and a half to have access to. Pay those arrogant assholes monthly for things like that? Ok, I'm a lazy ass that put up with it because it always comes loaded on whatever store pc you buy, and the last windows installs i did was windows7 because of the 3pc for $100 dollar deal they had. Thanks microsoft, this finally pushes me to do what i should have done years ago. And this article gives me some lead time to search out what will be my favorite flavor of linux. Cable TV finally pushed me to cut the cord, and this finally pushes me into the wonderful new world of linux. I have a feeling this is finally gonna be a bridge too far for those arrogant assholes. And I don't think i'll be the only person that feels that way.

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