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The only reason AMD uses ME is so they can be compatible with Intel's blu ray? WTf, i don't even have a blu ray disc drive.... I figured AMD was forced to simply because they don't know what the fuck they're doing and just copies Intel's tech. If AMD said they are not going to use ME at the cost of no blu ray technology, i would switch to them immediately for that reason alone. Jail break phones are popular, ME free OS's wouldn't be popular too?


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WTF was my response also. I'd prefer a secure machine that even at the loss of protected content. In general, IDGAF about that brain washing shit.


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If you think this is about DRM and not having total ability to control every computer on earth, you're not thinking evil enough.

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Nor does anyone paying for streaming services, or digital legal downloads. "Because Blu Ray" is a pretty shitty excuse.