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This is what you should have posted, not a screenshot. This isn't reddit, pup.


[–] Fambida 3 points 6 points (+9|-3) ago 

Note that his link is not properly parsed by Voat. Note also that we ban link shorteners. Note further that that site blocks archiving. While I agree with you in principle, you get a downvote anyway for demanding the inordinately difficult.

He did what he reasonably could and posted the fucked up link in the comments so that people could copy/paste it.


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Voat doesn't allow you to submit links with special characters. You could see for yourself how the hyperlink came out incomplete in my comment above.

I personally think that submitting the screenshot and then linking to the source in the comment allowed for easier consumption, thus making it the better compromise. One click and you're there, plus you have a working thumbnail, as opposed to the four clicks it takes to highlight.