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The only reason AMD uses ME is so they can be compatible with Intel's blu ray? WTf, i don't even have a blu ray disc drive.... I figured AMD was forced to simply because they don't know what the fuck they're doing and just copies Intel's tech. If AMD said they are not going to use ME at the cost of no blu ray technology, i would switch to them immediately for that reason alone. Jail break phones are popular, ME free OS's wouldn't be popular too?

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WTF was my response also. I'd prefer a secure machine that even at the loss of protected content. In general, IDGAF about that brain washing shit.

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If you think this is about DRM and not having total ability to control every computer on earth, you're not thinking evil enough.

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"Your computer isn't compromised by a rootkit so you can't look at this."

Pirates don't have this problem.

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Nor does anyone paying for streaming services, or digital legal downloads. "Because Blu Ray" is a pretty shitty excuse.

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This is not completely true. Some vendors have cut bus lines allowing the processor to boot entirely without ME. The u code is never loaded and the CPU never sees the embedded processor. Effectively killing ME.

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What bus lines? Isn't it on the same die?

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No. It is not part of the die. It's part of the companion chipset which provides for memory controllers, bus arbitration, external cache management and peripheral access.

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Which vendors? They should be supported.

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This is what you should have posted, not a screenshot. This isn't reddit, pup.

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Note that his link is not properly parsed by Voat. Note also that we ban link shorteners. Note further that that site blocks archiving. While I agree with you in principle, you get a downvote anyway for demanding the inordinately difficult.

He did what he reasonably could and posted the fucked up link in the comments so that people could copy/paste it.

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Voat doesn't allow you to submit links with special characters. You could see for yourself how the hyperlink came out incomplete in my comment above.

I personally think that submitting the screenshot and then linking to the source in the comment allowed for easier consumption, thus making it the better compromise. One click and you're there, plus you have a working thumbnail, as opposed to the four clicks it takes to highlight.


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Probably should just run a Raspberry Pi... Unless.....

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The pi doesn't have the ARM equivalent and I've tried it as a daily driver to replace my i5 Linux setup.

It works fine but you're back on underdimentioned hardware and using Raspian OS is close to unbearably slow.

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I believe the Raspberry Pi runs a Cortex A53 which is about as dumb a as a modern processor can get. It's not affected my Meltdown or Spectre.

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ok, novice here. is there any alternative to intel or AMD??


edit: i found this company that seems to do x86 - does anyone know much about this? VIA Technologies

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VIA were mostly really low power processors that were copies of Intel/AMD. Their best x86 processor is still a quad-core at ~1.6Ghz from about 3 years ago. And they are expensive as hell for what they are. So far, all I can really find is the 1.2 Ghz Quad with a MiniItx board for about $300. Unfortunately, I can find nothing that says if they have the ME-style systems built in.

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awesome, thank you!

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Yes, they've been around for a long time

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i couldn't find anything about if the have the same functions of the ME - any thoughts on them?

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not building your own pc / writing OS from scratch

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it doesn't make a difference if you plug the CPU in yourself vs have someone else do it if it's compromised at the factory

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not using templeOS

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Nope. Using MINIX whether we want to or not.


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Because they're an Israeli company

didn't read article, don't need to

[–] Y8goKTH959VCLKty8xIz 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

Yep tldr: because Jew

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Wouldn't it make more sense to secure the bluray drive instead of a cpu? Seems kinda fucky to me.

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What makes the most sense is not to pay for media that demands you install a virus to watch it. Pirate it or just don't watch it

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just don't watch it

100% agree but this is a tall order for most normies.

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Have you looked at the hdmi standard? It's DRM from disc to display, every step of the way. If DRM wasn't such a big concern, hdmi wouldn't exist.

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A secure drive needs something also secure to send data to. Otherwise it basically is sending unencrypted data and someone could steal the stream thereby negating the DRM completely. Ultra HD stays encrypted basically from disk to display and everything in between has a part in processing it encrypted and must have the proper keys.

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Totally stopped them from ripping the content didn't it? DRM is a fucking scam and the hardware supporting it is a scam too. There is nothing good about Intel/AMD ME module.

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