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false-match rates affected members of color at a significantly higher rate

They just admitted that blacks tend to look alike and they are more likely to be criminals.

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I love that they imply it's racist, when in fact it could be niggers are just better at being niggers. But that would require being non-PC and admitting to race realism. This is verboden in the eyes of the left

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man thing is.... its fucking easy to tell asians apart. not only individually but nationality by nationality to a pretty damn high degree of accuracy if you know what youre looking at.

SUDANESE however.... theyre that fucking black, you literally cannot see the features of their face and therefore cannot tell them apart aside from the fact theyre fucking sudanese - even damn ethiopians can be told apart if you pay enough attention, but sudos? Hell theres even a massive difference between a black as black tall ass Ghanian who speaks french and a little ugly ass Ethiopian pop clicking, but fuckin generic niggers.....

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Statistical facts are raycissssss

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More criminal black mugshots in the database than whites.

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Hmmmm...I wonder why?

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Must have something to do with that other rate we aren't supposed to talk about

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The same people will think it is perfectly acceptable to ban Pit Bulls. They don't understand the Genetic Variance between races of humans is more significant than the Genetic Variance between breeds of dogs.

Some humans don't even have the same common ancestors. Europeans and Asians have ancestry which includes Neandertal and Denisovan DNA, Sub-Saharan Africans have 0 Neandertal DNA.

It's what we get for letting dimwitted lunatics run the asylum and the media.

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Yep. And some Africans have small amounts of archaic hominin DNA which other modern humans do not.

It used to be a debate between nurture vs. nature. Somewhere along the line, nature got ignored in favor of the idea that if only the environment and opportunities are there, all humans will rise to their full human potential. Which is bullshit if your genetic makeup varies from one human group to another.

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The only wrong part of this is the photo/face matching. The criminal part is correct.

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Ding ding ding! Totes magotes has the correct answer! Also machines aren't racist they're just learning!

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Only 28?

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https://archive.fo/Hh3O1 :

Amazon’s facial recognition matched 28 members of Congress to criminal mugshots - The Verge

'That finding echoes disparities found by NIST’s Facial Recognition Vendor Test, which has shown consistently higher error rates for facial recognition tests on women and African-Americans. '

'The American Civil Liberties Union tested Amazon’s facial recognition system — and the results were not good. '

'Running faces against a database with no matches might seem like a recipe for failure, but it’s similar to the conditions that existing facial recognition systems face every day. '

'Only twenty percent of current members of Congress are people of color, which indicates that false-match rates affected members of color at a significantly higher rate. '

'Amazon’s Rekognition came to prominence in May, when an ACLU report showed the system being used by a number of law enforcement agencies, including a real-time recognition pilot by Orlando police. '

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Pre Cog?

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That will hopefully lead to post nog

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Completely glossed over in the article is the most important point: the ACLU rigged the results. How is it that the ACLU gets a pass at being technically challenged?!

“an Amazon spokesperson attributed the results to poor calibration. The ACLU’s tests were performed using Rekognition’s default confidence threshold of 80 percent — but Amazon says it recommends at least a 95 percent threshold for law enforcement applications where a false ID might have more significant consequences.”

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because no one ever uses software with just the default settings


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““An identification — whether accurate or not — could cost people their freedom or even their lives,”

Why not just flip a coin then?....., oh wait, they do that too...

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So... it's pretty accurate.

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