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Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations

Exactly. We're getting pissed about ideas all the time, trying to reel things into a specific way of being rather than pointing out where or who ideas originate from and how they've turned out historically. There is nothing "new" and anything new is repackaged old philosophy that continues to fail. We live on the ground level so we're always looking at others on the ground level and right now, the most obviously ground level enemy is the Jews, but what about the British influence? There's plenty of European banking influence and philosophy to be considered in our society's downfall.

Looking from the top down, you'll see so much similarity in how things play out that it is much easier to decide to not partake and then it'll just starve itself out. But again, people get a dopamine rush from "new". Especially around "human rights"... I mean, who could be against human rights? It's a good thing, right? Nothing bad could ever happen from society pushing for more human rights?