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What possible reason could there ever be to "educate" a child this age about dildos. What good does that do? I'm being serious. It used to be that a concerned (good) parent wanted to protect a child from being sexualized very early on. Some classic aspect about being a kid was directly because you weren't sexualized. You could still approach the world in a non-sexual naive way. The sexual dynamic changes everything. After puberty it stops being just a world of other people, but a world separated into categories of people you do and do not want to fuck. Why do that to a kid earlier and earlier? Why introduce that knowledge and that dynamic that early? This idea that it is somehow liberating or protective is just bullshit. A propagandized excuse for fucked up adults to be exhibitionists with kids.

It's sad. Ask yourself why any adult (presumably with a pool of other adults to be sexual with) would want to thrust a child into that adult psychology? Why make an adult out of a child? If there was a legitimate threat being mitigated by doing this, I'd listen to the argument. But as I see it, there is only one reason to do that. Because the adult wants that child making adult (non-child) choices about their bodies, and that makes the act of pedophilia easier because sexual desire might already be there faintly - as opposed to a child who may be frightened at the strangeness of something foreign to them.


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I haven't seen the video, and I don't think I want to because the premise is just disgusting, but it's likely done for controversial attention. They get paid either way if you watch it, and anger-inducing things spread more than wholesome things. It's still a sick thing to do for money or attention, and probably makes it even worse. Everyone's insatiable hunger for views and popularity without limit or sanity is the real downfall of society, and the people watching it are only feeding it. Even making the post on Voat about it here is feeding it in spirit: anger-inducing things get attention.