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The communist pervert takeover is almost complete... Fucking homo's can now get you thrown off any platform by simply saying you said a word.

Fight back. Keep making new accounts and talking shit. Make anti-free speech services expensive to run.

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saying you said a word

You don't even have to be "guilty" of saying a thing. They lie and all their friends pick up the lie and repeat it until it is considered true.

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hey it works when taking down a politician.

trump does it all the time, but he is not even the first one. an earlier example, with a twist.


Did Glenn Beck Rape And Murder A Young Girl In 1990 is an Internet hoax and grassroots smear campaign which began as the satirical website GlennBeckRapedAndMurderedAYoungGirlIn1990.com in September of 2009. The hoax began as a parody of public perception of Glenn Beck's over-the-top interview antics on his self-titled television show Glenn Beck, wherein he frequently asks his guests to disprove highly speculative and often outrageous assertions.

and there are many other examples

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The communist pervert takeover is almost complete... Fucking homo's can now get you thrown off any platform by simply saying you said a word.

that's right

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Working in tech I understand completely how far this Marxist indoctrination goes. If I were to ever reveal my true beliefs I would be shunned. Bad enough fighting through the blatant ageism in the industry and the fact that I am a clean cut, confidant straight white man.

I am really thinking lately of going full rogue and finding experts in the field like me to cater to the community like many of us and those that feel disenfranchised. Offend, ridicule and provide products and services to cater to the ever growing demographic. The real issue is being doxxed and deplatformed financially but I am certain there are solutions. There is so much great material and progress to be made by risking to offend. An untapped market in this stagnant environment and how many great minds going to waste under Marxist employers. I really wish I could use my talents for the community that I feel at home with, work would cease to be loathsome and solitary.

I was always a shit disturber and I was good at it. Can a man not follow his dreams?

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Spoken like one of the still blissfully cubicled masses who have yet to realize that those with any talent or potential consult. Full time employment are for the chumps who play the "suck up to the big wigs for the 0.5%-1.5% raise every year while they keep their head down and churn out just enough work to keep themselves happily employed" game.

You will unlock your potential once you realize and truly appreciate the world of independent consulting and networking. I can work for 3 moths in a year and then decide to take the rest of the year off as a vacation - simply because going from FTE to a consultant opened up such a significant leap in my earnings that I now have a backlog due to word of mouth alone and can choose which projects to take and which to ignore.

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I am a contractor who goes in when companies are desperate to make a deadline. I normally have my own clients but the big money is going in when they are desperate. I would just love to work in a collaborative environment and actually have some honest feedback. Working on a team.

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Now that the parent poster has declared themselves as a contractor and now as you painted them, what revisions would you like to make to your comment?

Feel free to also share what you yourself do for a living. Are you a freelance consultant independent business owner, for example?

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"those with any talent or potential consult"

Umm, no. The large companies still offer the best opportunities in terms of paid, interesting work. On my current team we have an ACM Fellow in crypto. Pretty sure he is not 'untalented'. Rest have mostly PhDs from elite programs.

Every considered that many scientists went into science because they don't want to be businessmen?

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How would someone bust into that line of work?

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How can decent people in tech band together? I guess places like Voat are a good start, but even here we have infiltrators.

I guess we have to meet in person and show each other our non-circumsized dicks to be sure.

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Nice try, homo

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considering most males have their dicks cut fresh out the vag, this would be a shit way to determine anything

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meet in person and show each other our non-circumsized dicks to be sure.

This may or may not be part of the /v/EmergencyNation screening process :D

To answer your question: Bitchute is really great, poal.co was made by a voater and is for free speech and the founder of Linux Mint dislikes Israel.

Voat also has a subverse for alt tech if you want to learn more.

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Lol, I guess I meet the criteria.

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Yes, but not by being obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.

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Exactly, that is why I did not bring up any political, religious or social doctrines in my response. All things should be ridiculed, exposed and to create under the pretext of a higher understanding is bullshit and no better than the Commie tech companies that currently exist.

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Totally agree. If you ever decide to do something about it, I wish you the best of luck. I believe these days you may easily assemble a team of top level experts who are fed up with SJW PC culture at the companies, and the market is out there - I for one am nauseated by the Leftist propaganda infused crap produced today instead of a true entertainment by the entertainment industry. And the market potential indeed is there, and it is HUGE and growing.

Cutting the financing channels is the real threat to a business. The obvious solution is to establish the business outside of the Western Europe or USA, and use payment processors not influenced by SJWs - unfortunately I can't think of any example - any ideas what those might be?

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No clue as to the financing. It is not an area I am truly knowledgeable in. That is where expertise is needed on all levels. To be honest it might require a formula sort of how many illegal or terrorist structures get funding today. By creating shell organizations and charities of sort to funnel and launder the money???

Like you stated the potential is there and so is the market. It is only a matter of time that someone monopolizes on this growing movement.

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How in the world can any of these services even stay open do they all hate having money? This isn't against the law it's just a blanket bullshit policy of every single large web service.

I guarantee you that many tech startups despise this: but it comes down to survival.

What happens for any startup is you get a lawyer to draft a terms of service and privacy policy to protect you as best as possible. Most new firms can't afford to hire an entire team of lawyers, so they get a random attorney to do things on the cheap (or just hack together a document themselves copying and pasting from other terms of services) and this kind of bullshit appears everywhere so they add it in too to protect themselves legally as much as possible from the convoluted laws. So if you're ever sued for any sexism, racism, discrimination, etc all you have to do is point to this and say you dindu nothing.

Additionally, if you're a startup, you can easily get fucked if your hosting or payment providers or other firms decide to ban you for any reason so you try and have the most gentle and progressive and kind sounding documents possible so you don't give them any reason to question you. I'm sure if Voat was dependent on accepting payments through something like PayPal, it wouldn't survive as a business.

In the base directory of just about half of all open source projects there's a code of conduct there too. Talking about a "COVENANT" that follows along the same lines.

I have a feeling that SJWs are good at finding weak spots to entrench themselves in.All you really have to do upload a code of conduct, make a big stink about things when the addition of the code of conduct isn't accepted, and get your tumbler fans to whine about things until they acquiesce. Most open source projects are not paid and the maintainer doesn't want to deal with bullshit and just rolls with things. Is there a solution to this?

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Is there a solution to this?

Yes. have a pair of balls, declare that you won't cave to terrorism, and institute http://code-of-merit.org/

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Oh no! The SJWs are targeting me open source repository! Oh woe is mee! cries in corner

Exactly. Jesus.

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Describe this terrorism you mention.

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Spent a couple years in silicon valley... terrible idea. had to hold back my fury every time a lame faggot thought he was some holier than thou piece of shit. miserable. left as soon as I could. (plus most of SF smells like piss, and the parts that don't, smell like shit)

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Note the word fury not furry; it sure reads different otherwise.

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It's bad for advertising.

The amount of people put off by someone shouting "nigger" all the time is far greater than the amount of people put off by not being allowed to shout "nigger".

It's extremely simple economics, simple logic even. But since this is voat, it has to be some big, jewish conspiracy.

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They call themselves that.

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This is what happens when you fail to kill your enemies. "Feel free to keep attacking me until you succeed."

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do your own and compete with them. It's what voat did with readdit.

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There is a real problem with funding though. The major conglomerates are all pushing the PC narrative and we've seen it a hundred times that large companies choose politics over profit. If any alternative tech websites are going to survive they need funding from their users. We need to ask ourselves how much we truly value sites like Voat and Gab because they are honestly up against it to a certain degree.

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large companies choose politics over profit

Wrong! They all choose profit over politics, but sometimes, to them, picking politics means higher profits in the medium or long term.

As a whole, we have to strive to make their political moves be as unprofitable as possible.

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ask for crypto donations?

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You know what allowed this to progress this far: Zero Interest Rate Policy. They love to launder that cheap corporate bond money through clueless SJW startups that they can rape whenever they need to. They ran 1 Billion through Tumblr just to get it started and it is worthless in terms of intrinsic and financial value unless the damage it does is seen as valuable. Private equity is running a sick game and few have been paying attention to how much damage has been done. Anywhere you see actual disruption and innovation they are working tirelessly to kill it off. So much vaporware bullshit and so little productivity. We plateaued in 2012 and have rapidly gone backwards technologically. Hardware is shit now unless you piece together a Frankenstein. Every OS is like some time wasting memory bog unless you compile your own Linux flavor.

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