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The judge doing this needs to be put into prison for this crime.

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That's a odd way to spell "needs to be put in front of a firing squad".

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Firing squad's too good for him. Give him a lethal injection with bleach as a warning for the rest.

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No. The law is on my side. The system isn't.

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who is the real criminal, the man behind bars, or the one who unjustly put him there?

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You can't detain someone indefinitely like this.

Innocent until proven guilty.

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Well, you obviously CAN. It's not supposed to be able to happen, but it is happening.

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The courts also concluded that it was a "foregone conclusion" that kid porn was on the drives because a forensic examination revealed that the "hash" values of the files have been linked by the authorities to known child pornography.

I have never heard of a "hash" value linked to known child pornography file. It sounds like the cops are lying again.

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How do you have a 'hash value' of file on a scrambled up, encrypted drive?

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It's possible the files were hashed in the OS when accessed for thumbnails or some background process.

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Very standard for police and also companies like google to keep hashes of known illegal images and then hash files on either a drive or in an email, then compare them. In some cases even hashing segments of an image, as in, the top right corner so that changing a pixel or some trailing data doesn't help evade detection. Software tool suites like FTK do basically automated detection.

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I've searched all I can for an update in this case, but this looks like it's the latest(another goat said he'd been murdered, but I found no corroborating article).

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Basically, the negro believes it's better to be in jail and suspected of child porn than to confirm it and still be in jail. He's kind of a hero to some in his current status. He'd lose that and possibly his life if he let them confirm the CP on his computer.

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https://archive.fo/emWbf :

Man in jail 2 years for refusing to decrypt drives. Will he ever get out? | Ars Technica

'Another way for the contempt order to be lifted would be for Rawls to unlock the drives. '

'A now-fired Philadelphia cop has been behind bars for almost two years for refusing to decrypt hard drives that authorities found at his residence as part of a federal child-porn investigation. '

'If the justices take the case, it would be the first time they weighed the constitutionality of whether forcing somebody to decrypt hardware amounts to a Fifth Amendment violation. '

'On Thursday, his lawyers are set to ask a federal judge to release him while he appeals the reason for his confinement to the Supreme Court. '

'UPDATE: Many readers are asking a valid question about what happens if someone is ordered to decrypt hardware but claims they forgot the passcode. '

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