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This is a great thing. If 'regular' people have 'regular' problems and can't get through guess what is going to happen?


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Do you know what happens when a call center has too many calls? Do they hire more agents? Some, but it takes a lot of time and you are also losing agents because the work is shit.

Most call centers are understaffed anyway. What they do is they find ways to push people into finding the information they need online, by themselves. To do things through their website, to get information by phone from automated messages. You want to bother them? Fine, but you wait 40+ min to speak to someone. Maybe they have a system where you leave your number and they call you. Besides, their competitors do the same. The future of customer service is self service.

Plus a call center that fulfills it's quotas has a lower budget cut. I am sure they do it on purpose. They prefer you killing yourself to find the info online than for you to call them.


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Oh man you've failed econ 101 hard. Google cost loss and then write another reply.