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upvoted, the commie street shitting islamo bots are down voting this news

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Damm, didn’t even noticed. Thanks. I believe this needed to get out. ISPs such as virgin media shouldn’t do this. Plus, Virgin Media are the ones who purposely blocked The Pirate Bay on the behalf of the British Government court order.

They’re not a private company if they follow the orders of the Government.

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Oh yeah, you faggots are blocked on all public WiFi in the UK. I had to use a VPN to reach Voat.

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there's 3 downvotes, probably from people who wanted more evidence than a phone screenshot

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Call the phone number if you're in that nation and complain.

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Shocked that Virgin has an agenda. He only vacations with Obama and has he own island like the other pedophile billionaire Epstein.

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You realize this is a filter that the person who owns the internet service in that location applied...

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Honestly, I didn't think about that when I posted. I see it is Heathrow Airport though which is still pretty bad but it's the UK. I do stick by my baseless pedophile accusations though.

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Oy! shut it down !!

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Didn't Branson relieved his control years ago?

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This is Heathrow airports publicly accessible WiFi which has a paid hourly tariff. You wouldn't see this if you used a VPN. And if you're using public WiFi hotspots without a VPN then you have other problems than not accessing a right-leaning biased website.

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That's not Virgin that's blocking it, it's the location that the person is getting their WIFI from. I can access Breitbart no problem, so this is misleading.

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Same here. I can access.

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So call them. Everybody who has their service should call them every five minutes until this is unblocked.

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They'll just block the lines and leave an automated message.

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They can't just shut down their call centers, at least not without even bigger backlash.

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This is a great thing. If 'regular' people have 'regular' problems and can't get through guess what is going to happen?

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Yeah, give them your phone number.

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Left-winged jews VS right-winged jews. Go look at Israel's politics if you want to see an exact copy. Dumb goys choose sides.

Brietbart is a zionist Israel jew operation. PERIOD. Virgin is owned and operated by leftist jews. Come on Voat!! Put your 'THEY LIVE' glasses on.

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I see you haven't been taking your Risperidone again.

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I don't take jew head drugs

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fuck off kike

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They sure do love that net neutrality.

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Interestingly, under BEREC regulations, this is clearly illegal EU-wide exactly because it violates net-neutrality laws.

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So is technically speech laws. The EU mandates that member states must ensure freedom of speech as a basic human right...

Or least it did the last time I looked into it. However the major states did and still do restrict speech

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This block is for Heathrow airport WiFi alone, not the entirety of Virgin Media. Which is a shame since Breitbart is Zionist controlled opposition.

Source: I'm a Londoner with Virgin Media.

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