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It was only a matter of time.

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There is still Vimeo, Liveleak, 4Chan, Minds, Steemit, Gab.ai, Dailymotion, webmshare.com, 8chan, Bitchute, Phuks.co, mixtape.moe, Medium, Twatter, Sealion Club, Wordpress, Dtube, PewTube, dump.bitcheese.net, blogspot, medium, Vidhuber, bitview.net, veoh, Metatube, vidlii.com, metacafe.com

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But none of them as painless as hooktube :(

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Liveleak is not the site it used to be.

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Apples and oranges. You listed video hosting sites, which HT was not.

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You forgot Sendvid.com, but so did I until I rediscovered it in my browser history.

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hooktube was a redirect of youtube videos stripping the tracking out. It really didn't have anything to fight it relied on what youtube provided, when they closed the loop that was used there is no reaction other then to get youtube to undo their change. to have a fight hooktube would have had to have something they provided that they could hold up they hosted nothing so had no content they could fight for. at the end of the day it was just reshowing content hosted on youtube through routes youtube allowed when they closed the path being used and removed the ability to strip tracking out hooktube has no way to counter that as there is no content on hooktube.

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Sad day. Between myself and those I tried to get using it - we probably avaoided about 500 YouTube clicks.

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Everyone on Voat and 8ch had been using hooktube exclusively to share links. Every tox/discord/irc channel I went to used hooktube rather than youtube.

This is a little depressing, but hopefully hooktube's replacement will be distributed enough that it's near-impossible to take down.

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Single points of failure tend to be vulnerable to attack.

now you have all of those broken links.

maybe there is a russian service that could be used?

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I love to hear that! Keep fighting the good fight. I'm hoping with you as well.

If you hear anything and rememeber this conversation - please share! I'll do the same for you.

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I literaly never went to you tube after i discovered hooktube it is still up i have been linking good videos.. the random button finds some good stuff.

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Drop in the ocean

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So you admit the ocean is made of drops? We can win this if we try, your comment seems to be discouraged. Chin up, stay positive, every single one of our choices is part of the movement.

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That makes no sense. Hooktube never protected your data, Google knows where their videos were being streamed.

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never saw the point of it tbh. punishing (((youtube))) with adblock is more effective.

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I agree. Sometimes voat can go a bit overboard choosing which hills it will die on. Adblock, Ghostery, and Ublock Origin are just as damaging as a strange redirector.

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I cannot seem to find it, but didn't Ghostery seem to have some controversy about selling user data? I am not 100% sure about this though. Could someone correct me?

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It was a great tool to download videos or audio from yt.

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Hooktube allowed you to stream a music video with the tab closed. Try that with YouTube and it will shut off as soon as you switch tabs. Do you have an alternative to hooktube that allows that? I have yet to find one. Something compatible with mobile would be great.

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VLC will do this. Copy YT link, paste into "open network stream". Just tested it last night to make sure YT hadn't fuck that feature.

as far as punishing them, adnausium costs them more than just blocking.

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only fools surf in tabs

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chrome and youtube with ublock origin let's me leave something playing in a tab while on other tabs browsing other things so not sure what you are talking about by closed, I'm assuming you mean inactive or in the background as if you close it it is gone and won't play at all. as to mobile sorry can't help you there.

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I am doing this fine, what browser is this happening in?

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I use adblock on my computers but google has done a good job keeping a useful version off android. Except for that browser app of course, but I want it enabled for the entire device.

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Thats why you always keep stuff on your own hard drive.

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Every Goat should maintain and utilize a Red Pills & Shitposts folder.

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filled with only webm's. keep proprietary codecs away from your archives.

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Once a company becomes large enough they get to make the rules, buy the laws, and sue anything that remotely resembles a competitor. Or I could have just said 'YouTube is a monopoly."

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I found Hooktube useful as a way of getting around YouTube's silly age and content blocking, since I have no intention of ever signing in to YouTube in this lifetime.

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Is it possible bitchute can do what hooktube did

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Same issue with privacy and data collection will be present unless someone manages to block that YT functionality without compromising the actual video content.

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Is it possible to just have a quick copy feature?

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I don't see why not.

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