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I agree with both your points but I'll just put it into my perspective. Blew out my flip flop, I stepped on a pop top... no seriously I just broke my Joe Boxer flip flops that I bought last summer in Montana after one of my Reef sandals got away in a river I stopped to swim in. I made an emergency purchase based on necessity from a K-mart (I didn't know they were still around but I wasn't going to shop at Wal-Mart). I don't know if Joe Boxer is an ethical company or Reef... I'm going to research what sandals have the best reviews and buy a pair since I'm not in an emergency situation like last summer, however I can't research every company and they're all a company owned by a company owned by a company.

So... buy hand made sandals from a hippie? Spend a day researching instead of working? I can make $500 tomorrow and buy any sandals I like and donate the other $400 or more to my favorite local candidate or non profit organization. I like Reefs and I like the NRA, I'm going to go work tomorrow and then buy a pair of Reefs and feel fine since I just renewed my NRA membership thanks to David Hogg and his bullshit a few months back... unless there is a magical database to check out purchases for us on the right it's going to be many like me just helping as they can but possibly giving a few dollars to the wrong side.

I'm blue collar and busy, one of you right winged desk jockeys with a low demand job needs to invent a Buycott app for the people like me who keep your power running. Hell I'll buy it for $5 from your website, especially if half of the proceeds go to the NRA and I'll get a dozen more people to buy it.