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It sounds like that's what OP did though. He had a need, looked at different vendors. And once he'd identified the Co he wanted buy from, they alienated him w their ads. So now he's telling them to fuck off.


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Let’s put aside that the OP is a head in the sand ignorant tinfoil hat wearing fuck. I agree he did what he is free to do: take his business elsewhere. The industry has taken for granted sales to a very large demographic: whites. More specifically white males. I couldn’t give a shit if anyone were to advertise to women, different races, aliens from another planet, or fish in the sea. Everyone’s out to make a buck and that buck is green. The whole Industry knows: it’s easier to lose a customer than gain one.

Just don’t assume that a sale to me is a guarantee. Make that assumption and you lose a customer. You have to work for that sale, so don’t forget it.