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Here's a better solution. Don't buy anything you see advertised. Do be a swindled consumer. Lead a simple life. If you identify a need, research the solutions and choose what to purchase based on your criteria, not the criteria you're prescribed by proxy.

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This is my pessimistic view as well. So I fucked myself up kinda and I'm bed-bound for a short while. I'm watching cable television for the first time in many years and I'm just flabbergasted at how terrible it is. I hate television so much. Its hypnotizing. Desensitization has worn off and I can see the jew behind every corner. At least I can stand old movies and Archer reruns.


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>If you buy a product that you see advertised, you're doing exactly what the jews want you to do.

More correct then most would suspect, considering that advertisement itself used to be an embarrassing and humiliating thing that only a man desperate to sell would do.

Most top-line businesses never used to advertise until (((they))) were let into the market and would automatically advertise their businesses and products as hard as possible while calling anyone who didn't 'stupid'.

SO if you were wondering why we don't have the freedom to be unassailed by constant and obnoxious advertisements, you can blame the jew there too!


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I spent tonight trying to explain this to my GF. (isnt American and doesnt understand)


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I agree with both your points but I'll just put it into my perspective. Blew out my flip flop, I stepped on a pop top... no seriously I just broke my Joe Boxer flip flops that I bought last summer in Montana after one of my Reef sandals got away in a river I stopped to swim in. I made an emergency purchase based on necessity from a K-mart (I didn't know they were still around but I wasn't going to shop at Wal-Mart). I don't know if Joe Boxer is an ethical company or Reef... I'm going to research what sandals have the best reviews and buy a pair since I'm not in an emergency situation like last summer, however I can't research every company and they're all a company owned by a company owned by a company.

So... buy hand made sandals from a hippie? Spend a day researching instead of working? I can make $500 tomorrow and buy any sandals I like and donate the other $400 or more to my favorite local candidate or non profit organization. I like Reefs and I like the NRA, I'm going to go work tomorrow and then buy a pair of Reefs and feel fine since I just renewed my NRA membership thanks to David Hogg and his bullshit a few months back... unless there is a magical database to check out purchases for us on the right it's going to be many like me just helping as they can but possibly giving a few dollars to the wrong side.

I'm blue collar and busy, one of you right winged desk jockeys with a low demand job needs to invent a Buycott app for the people like me who keep your power running. Hell I'll buy it for $5 from your website, especially if half of the proceeds go to the NRA and I'll get a dozen more people to buy it.


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This can be the only solution. I live a simple life, I have just a few things that make me happy & I haven't watched TV in over 7 years now. I don't know what commercials even look like and when I walk by a place with cable TV I actually can't tell whether I'm hysterically laughing with a hint of sadness or Mourning with a hint of laughter is how fucking stupid and ridiculous the shit they say is.

I always think to myself how some people want to fly but some don't and that's crazy but they have no idea that flying is turning your TV off and realizing you're still there and you exist and you're a person who can think for yourself and all that you need was already within you.


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It sounds like that's what OP did though. He had a need, looked at different vendors. And once he'd identified the Co he wanted buy from, they alienated him w their ads. So now he's telling them to fuck off.


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Let’s put aside that the OP is a head in the sand ignorant tinfoil hat wearing fuck. I agree he did what he is free to do: take his business elsewhere. The industry has taken for granted sales to a very large demographic: whites. More specifically white males. I couldn’t give a shit if anyone were to advertise to women, different races, aliens from another planet, or fish in the sea. Everyone’s out to make a buck and that buck is green. The whole Industry knows: it’s easier to lose a customer than gain one.

Just don’t assume that a sale to me is a guarantee. Make that assumption and you lose a customer. You have to work for that sale, so don’t forget it.