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https://archive.fo/kMGel :

Credentials to an airport's security systems sold on the dark web for $10 - TechSpot

'It uses RDP to allow employees to access specific systems from outside the LAN.The login info was being offered on an RDP web shop hosted on the dark web. '

'The airport (McAfee withheld its name for obvious reasons) said that the credentials were used to log into its remote desktop protocol (RDP). '

'The airport is unsure how the credentials got out, but McAfee analysts think a brute-force technique was likely used to “guess” the login information. '

'They will try brute force on hundreds or even thousands of systems hoping to turn something up, and then sell it for profit. '

'"Attackers simply scan the Internet for systems that accept RDP connections and launch a brute-force attack with popular tools such as, Hydra, NLBrute or RDP Forcer to gain access."'

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This happened in Obama's 'scandal free' presidency.

GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS: Obama FBI Took Personal Info From Citizens of 14 States, Exposed It To Russia