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Instead, Spectre, for now, remains a fascinating insight into the world of CPU design, where engineers across the industry trade off a little security for a little more performance.

Dear asshole editor: Intel owns the x86 license, they are 100% responsible for this. No one fucking else.


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https://archive.fo/uT1yj :

Another data-leaking Spectre CPU flaw among Intel's dirty dozen of security bug alerts today • The Register

'Exclusive Intel will today emit a dozen security alerts for its products – including details of another data-leaking vulnerability within the family of Spectre CPU flaws. '

'Urgent security updates will be pushed out in between these quarterly batches. ', "The new Spectre-class side-channel vulnerability in Intel's processors, to be disclosed today, can be exploited in a bounds-check bypass store attack."

'The good news is that software mitigations available today for Spectre variant 1 will thwart bounds-check bypass store attacks. '

'Despite the word "store" in the attack, no actual code or data in memory is altered. '

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