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I'm looking over the terms of service, and there's a quota on API usage. Additionally, the hooktube website would be required to make you agree to a GDPR-compliant privacy policy before allowing a user to access anything. Also it must display a link to youtube's terms of service for users.

There are even more requirements such as required minimum functionality: things like how the YouTube logo must be displayed in the video player.

That big green Download button alone violates their ToS.

You and your API Clients must not, and must not encourage, enable, or require others to...download, import, backup, cache, or store copies of YouTube audiovisual content


You and your API Clients must not, and must not encourage, enable, or require others to...

  • use YouTube API Services to create, offer, or act as a substitute for, or substantially similar service to, any YouTube Applications. API Clients must not mimic or replicate YouTube's core user experiences by recreating features or process flows unless they add significant independent value or functionality that improves users' interactions with YouTube. For example, an API Client must not recreate the browse experience from any YouTube Application without adding significant independent value to that flow.

  • modify, interfere with, replace, or block advertisements placed or served by YouTube or by YouTube API Services including in API Data, YouTube audiovisual content, or YouTube players;

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They could make a seperate version without the violations like the download button?

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Some things I'd like to recommend to adjust to this change:

Hooktubify firefox add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hooktubeify/

FreeTube: https://github.com/FreeTubeApp/FreeTube

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YouTube is out of control YouTube is hostile and evil Susan Wojcicki needs to be fired for this we need to attack back and cause Susan Wojcicki some kind of pain and cause YouTube some kind of pain until they get the message. You stepped on my toes Susan LT. Mary Sue Jew Screw Who Wojcicki now i'm going to fuck up your whole fucking life you fucking bitch. I'll step on the evil witches toes hard and cause her and YouTube pain.

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The condom broke

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Relying on the API to circumvent YouTube restrictions is not the best way to provide this type of service.

Thanks to how the internet was designed, there are many ways to provide youtube content to users that it attempts to restrict.

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Damn, I made frequent usage of that download button.

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If you have an android device "newpipe" will download videos and has an audio only option


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Thanks! Are there any tools I can use on my PC?

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Whoever owns the API copyright,most likely YouTube,leaned on them and made them take it out.

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What about search engines that are able to search YouTube videos?

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They probably aren't soaking YouTube's business.

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They could do that, as long as they don't "encourage scraping"

You and your API Clients must not, and must not encourage, enable, or require others to, directly or indirectly, scrape YouTube Applications or Google Applications, or obtain scraped YouTube data or content. Public search engines may scrape data only in accordance with YouTube's robots.txt file or with YouTube's prior written permission.

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They got hit with a lawsuit. Duhhhh.

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