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If they're willing to do this to left-wing protestors, imagine what they're willing to do to targets on the right. This is Merkel's Germany we're looking at here.

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Reminds me a little of Hitler's Germany.

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Only without the fun bits.

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Didn't Merkel begin her political career in the Stasi? Seems like she is longing for the old days.

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All that trouble for some donors when the real criminals are niggers raping you're children.

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Can't have people working voluntarily, they might learn to be self sufficient. Imagine a world where people work together and provide support and harmony leading to prosperity. Ugh, makes me sick thinking of a world without slavery and child molesters, filthy goyim and their "ethics".

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Use crypto currency for supporting tech like this.

If you're going to run an exit node you need to run it through a VPN to protect yourself.

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That's sad that it's come to that. The person running the exit node isn't the person doing whatever is being done and should hold no responsibility.

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That is the Feds deciding to lean on people so we would stop hosting exit nodes.

Because the CIA host exit nodes to track the data as well as a shit load of relays.

Some guy had his house raided and the server wasn't even on the property. He had it in a nearby data center.

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Will a VPN really protect you? Running an exit node isn't illegal in the USA, but you probably will get visits from the FBI. I can't imagine a VPN service will help much (they can probably identify your network by IP for something like 30 days, assuming they're not lying which would make it longer than that).

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VPN's certainly help. I was telling others that running exit nodes isn't illegal. But that doesn't mean the police or Feds won't raid your location or fuck with you for awhile.

Some VPN's are registered in foreign countries and claim to not log any information.

Some people claim to use VPN's to get around bandwidth caps as well.

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In America the Government respects its citizens privacy, its why they handed over all communication to Israel companies

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Aha, the german police, the gestapo that is.

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now link all that money to the loli pervs

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Wasn't this half expected after something got out that Tor was owned or was run as a honeypot for the secret police?

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