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Zuck will just pull out a handful of pocket change and pay for that.

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Zuck the cuck. FTFY.

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How much did they get fined for all the 'community organizing' that happened for Obama?

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https://archive.fo/cxFH0 :

UK watchdog ICO fines Facebook £500,000 over Cambridge Analytica - Business Insider

'The British data regulator plans to fine Facebook the maximum amount possible over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. '

'The number of Facebook users affected by this kind of data scraping may be far greater than has currently been acknowledged. '

'We have been working closely with the ICO in their investigation of Cambridge Analytica, just as we have with authorities in the US and other countries. '

'"Facebook users will be rightly concerned that the company left their data far too vulnerable to being collected without their consent by developers working on behalf of companies like Cambridge Analytica. '

'"The ICO's investigation concluded that Facebook contravened the law by failing to safeguard people's information," the organisation said in a statement. '

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500K is a slap on the wrist. Maybe he will be caught selling a dime bag and have to do some serious time.

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Who cares, he will just sell some more naked photos of you on the toilet. 500,000 is nothing to him.