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“PayPal has since issued an apology to Mr. Durdle, saying that a bug, a bad letter template, or a human error are the possible explanations for this unfortunate event.”

Aka: “something went wrong, don’t blame us.”

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I don't think you've thought this through too well.

The legal system has many unintended consequences.

Are we now deciding as a society that typical software bugs are now grounds for mega-lawsuits?

Maybe in extraordinary cases where a grossly negligent error causes a loss of life or something, that would be very reasonable.

But the problem is there is no such thing as bug-free code. What you propose would go a long way to shutting down the software industry and grinding the entire economy to a halt.

Even NASA, who has large teams of experts who write code very slowly and methodically, cannot manage to write bug-free code. What hope does a typical business coder have who is given shitty documentation gluing together a few systems made by random Pajeets have?

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I'm not a lawyer and don't know if there are valid grounds to sue: but that's a fairly believable excuse from a technical perspective.

PayPal is horrible as shit, but there's almost zero reason for them to do this deliberately. It's very likely that there's a metric fuckton of conditions that cause their software to send out various types of payment notices. As a worldwide company, I'd bet is has to deal with different laws and subtle differences between jurisdictions making their automated software (and the UI to manage it) millions of lines of spaghetti-like shit code. It's easy to see errors occurring somewhere in this chain.

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I knew someone who's son was killed when his motorcycle ran into a traffic light, I was there when she opened the bill she received for damages to said traffic light. She was not pleased.

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when his motorcycle ran into the light pole? lol ok buddy. HE ran into the fucking pole.

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Same thing (to op, not you)... Was killed? lol ok buddy... Killed himself or died. Not "was killed"

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Much like that idiot son's bill, the PayPal letter is to the estate. They just suck at writing.

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The vampire jew wants to stick its fangs into the living and continue sucking

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I fucking love PayPal. They are pretty much the embodiment of online evil. They have fucked nearly everybody I know who uses them for business, and they have an attitude to match. "We fucked you? Cool. Hold on, we are going to fuck you again. We will like it, you won't."

I mean, you gotta kinda admire that.

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I don't admire jewry at all. In fact, I detest it. Politics shouldn't even come in to play with a company like that.

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PayPal is right up there on my list of most hated companies

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Guy goes on Twitter, apologizes for cursing, and uses an emoji at the end of his sentence.
No wonder his wife wanted out so bad.

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Few years back (2008) I got a letter from pay pal credit card, My line of credit was cut $2000 and my interest rate went from 4.2% to 22 %. I always paid my bill on time and in full so I was at a loss why.

I maked out the card and to this day not paid a dime, debt collection agency tried to collect but I know how to beat them.

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yes but instead of triggering a human they will try to trigger a secondary AI with different rules, this will stack until nothing flows to the human and every upset person was "a bug in the program".

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Keywords: "Owes over $3000."

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I don't know about the U.K., but in the U.S., a spouse has an unlimited liability to repay debts if they live in a community property state.

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This is what I was thinking. Yeah, so Paypal addressed the dead spouse by mistake. Seems like the guy mostly wants that to be the reason he gets out of the debt. Shit happens with correspondence. Just pay the bill and get on with your life.

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