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That's funny because that's Trumps exact stance. He openly said so during the campaign debates.

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One of the many reasons why I hate that rich boy faggot.

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Is it just me or does this link to a blank page?

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Maybe Techcrunch doesn't play well with archive. https://techcrunch.com/2018/07/09/brett-kavanaugh-tech-net-neutrality-nsa/

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Maybe--and this is just a suggestion--maybe people ought not to blindly support everything your God-Emperor does.

Maybe people should loudly demand that Kennedy's seat should not be refilled at all. The other eight seats should be fucking abolished too, along with the rest of the enemy country's political apparatus. Cut it down, root and branch, burn it to the fucking ground, and let's start over if that's what people want.

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It's not his job to legislate net neutrality, that's congress' job, you dumb fucking cunt. I swear the people on this site are dumber than niggers.

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I’m pretty dumb but let’s not go with the hurtful insults k homo? Take off your pants

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Are you referring to Techcrunch?

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Fuck net neutrality. Do you idiots still seriously support giving total control to the FCC? Fucking retards, stop trying to expand big brother.

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Sounds like a total faggot. Like the rest of trumps lousy appointments.

I hate to root for the dems but I want people on the high court who support net neutrality and my fucking privacy.

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Yep. Is it too hard to find a conservative who gives a fuck about allowing a level platform for freedom of expression on the internet? Its a free speech (linked) issue.

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Apparently being a conservative means you have to bend over like a bitch for any industry any time.