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True. But, wrong sub?

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Lot's of spam here lately. People think this is /v/all.

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Women have been taught that they can't be happy so long as men are happy. Accordingly, most women are only truly happy when men are unhappy.

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You aren't choosing women very well then because I've never experienced that. Every woman I've been with wanted me to be happy and I wanted the same for her.

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Women have been taught

It's not about me. It's about the societal values women are taught. The pointed end of the post is that feminism is teaching women to hate men who are happy. As such, they find power in unhappy men. That is their power base. Well, that and other unhappy women. By extension, these women are only ever happy when men are unhappy.

This is the value of traditional women. Because traditional women find happiness in your happiness. You in turn find happiness in their happiness.

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I haven't spoken to another person for two weeks

This kind of sounds like paradise to me.

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Introverts unite!

Yeah, it sounds kind of nice.

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It is paradise.

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I'm so jelly

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I'm kind of like that, but I'm more of a hermit than lonely. I just don't care to interact with other people because most of them are ignorant, stupid, and vapid.

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Most of them actually are an act, totally made up personality for dealing with others and after a while the friendliness persona is gone and you are left with someone you really don't know because everybody lies.

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Funny, people tell me that often, after knowing them for a while, "you know, you're very similar at work as you are in person. It's weird, most people are totally different, once they punch out." Apparently, my personality is very consistent. People putting on masks is a very foreign concept, to me. You can be exactly who you are, in your own mind, as long as you take care in learning how to communicate properly; which are rules that I apply across the board, not just in certain situations.

Like, I'd say the same thing at work that I would at home— simply worded differently, depending on the crowd. Or simply lie by omission, I guess, by not bringing up certain topics with certain people. My mother used to have wildly different personalities, depending on who she'd talk to, to the point that I thought (as, like, a nine year old) that she had multiple twins, and they were all pretending to be the same person. That might be what pushed me to be more observant of this behaviour, in myself, and correct for it. Except when I'm drunk: then I'm just myself, in concentrated form.

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He said, "more of a hermit". Not in the truest sense of the word; you're just being pedantic. You don't have to live out in the mountains, meditating 10 hours per day, to be considered a hermit. If you work from home, or some job where you don't talk to anyone, and spend the rest of your time either at home, or only going out for essentials (groceries, acquiring necessities, etc), you could be considered a type of hermit.

Also, downvoat for totally irrelevant link (I dislike clickbait).

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That hit a little close to home.

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Guys sharing feelings is a tough nut to crack. I feel like if I don't go out of my way to initiate contact with others, nobody will notice I'm missing 😒

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Yep. Gonna go mix a drink and get this Tuesday night started.

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Very true, I doubt women understand the isolation most men endure

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Women have easier life than men these days, and it's going to get worse. It's a fact.

If you identify as man, if you get hired as a programmer you actually have to make a working code. If you identify as a woman, if you get hired as a programmer, well just do whatever you want and the company will be too scared to get sued by you.

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Feminists can't be happy whilst a single man is still happy. Real women? They have no problem being happy, so long as their family is happy. And a proper family has a man in it, which is better for everyone involved when they are happy too.

It's deep rooted in our DNA. Ideologues can deny their biological purpose as much as they want. They are only lying to themselves. And feminists are very good at lying.

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Two weeks! What an amateur.

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