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"Labor shortage" is the same type of excuse for immigration being pushed on Japan and other East Asian countries.

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As if adding gators and monkeys to the farm would increase milk production

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Great analogy! I'll be borrowing this one.

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Which needs to be taught that this is industry demanding the right to control and limit wages. This is capitalism. This is how it's supposed to work. A labor shortage demands people entering the market correct for labor demands. Wages adjust based on this supply and demand. By always suppressing labor shortages those crying about this are demanding the right to suppress your wage and are anti-capitalists.

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You might even see college tuition prices start coming down once industry starts demanding more engineers and scientists.

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Supply and demand. It doesn't demand that we bring more people in the market to artificially keep wages stagnant, it demands that industry pays competitive wages against the limited supply.

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It's funny how labor shortages cause money to trickle down from employers onto laborers.

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It's almost as if basic economics were right!

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It does like in the 90s, but it won't this time because there is no actual labor shortage. They removed something like 20 million people from the labor market the last 10 years so that it would appear that our economy was doing fine. Those people are still looking for work. Not to mention all the senior citizens that can't leave the workforce because they are too poor to stop working.

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I can think of at least 20 million more who can go, if you know what I mean.

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I disagree. U6 has been shrinking alongside U3

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Deflation could solve the second issue.

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Labor "shortage" = higher wages

The market for labor is a market like any other.

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They rely on people, especially Boomers and Gen X'ers not having a basic concept of market dynamics. Of course, they shy away from teaching topics like how our economy works in most high school curricula.

What people should be reading into this is that a labor shortage means employers will have to naturally make their job offers more desirable to the existing market of employees or face the consequences. A labor shortage favors the laborer. But they'll spin it to make it seems like we're hurting ourselves by not letting illegal aliens fill these gaps for us. "Why wouldn't you want more illegals coming through to lower those wages back to where they ought to be!"

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Nationally, at least. When labor is international you end up with fucky situations like the EU or mass immigration.

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NO such thing as a labor shortage... Only wages that are too low.

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There can be a labor shortage if there's more jobs than workers to do them. But there's not, there hasn't been, and there won't ever be again, outside of extremely niche fields with high training barriers. Maybe if you need a theoretical xenobiologist you might have a bit of a search. If you can't find someone to pick tomatoes it's because you're not paying enough, end of story

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Theoretically. Today it's a matter of investing in automation. So many of China's factories where people used to labor in sweat shop-like conditions have now been automated with robots they're having to transition to positions with different skill-sets. In the future there should be a labor surplus, as automation takes over.

If only we'd spent those tens of trillions investing in that instead of wars that gained us nothing... yet we continue to do so.

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Only in times of wild growth is my experience.

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Thank god those chinzy greedy fucks will have to start paying again.

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And yet Trump is somehow a bad president? I have never seen the country so economically strong!

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I'm 55 and I've seen a lot of stuff in my life for the countries economics and this is incredible. If Ross Perot had been elected back in the day then we wouldn't have a deficit because he would have laid the groundwork so unbalanced budgets were not allowed to even be voted on in the congress so all the pork and charity "payoffs when Clinton siphons off millions. I think we needed all these bullshit presidents from Bush Sr on to show us that neither party either didn't know how or didn't give a shit about the nations finances to even try lowering taxes like Trump did or get rid of laws left and right that made it hard to do business or costs more for bullshit paperwork. I think Trump will go down as our most intelligent presidents or just the best one of all for over a century.

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They didn't lower taxes... except on the higher income earners. You can look at the old tax brackets vs. the new ones today. I went and looked because CSPAN had a grilling session on the Social Security head accountant. Short ver of the part I saw, slightly dramatized: SS accountant: SS will remain solvent for the foreseeable future according to my accounting reports. Congressional head: Exactly what fucking reports are those, because mine say a very different story.

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Employer might actually start offering full time positions again.

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Another gratuitous use of the word "epidemic" by CNBC. Boo fucking who on the employers that have to open their fucking wallets a little wider to attract and retain their employees.

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