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There is no such thing as hate speech. There is only free speech. The first amendment doesn't end when you are insulted.

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Wasn't one of the departments in 1984 called "The Department of Love*, and it was the propaganda arm of the government, constantly editing history to match the current whims of the regime, and "un-person"-ing anyone who didn't constantly toe the ever-shifting party line?

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I'm liberal, but my feelings are conservative XD

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What? You need us to hurt your woman? Just send us an address we’ll fix it for you.

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Laws being morality based is just as bad as laws being feelings based.

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'hate speech" - lol.. kinda like "free speech zones"..

Reddits Authoritarians are pure evil. They know exactly how they are destroying the truth.

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There's no such thing as speech that someone needs to be protected from. There is certainly speech expressing hate (and most of it comes from the left).

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So may I say that the Jews are the cause of and their eradication is the solution to all of the worlds problems? Once they have been eradicated we can start removing their pets and those infected with the kike mind virus. Never feed the wildlife, it creates a dependent population.

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Yes you may. This is VOAT.CO.