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There is no such thing as hate speech. There is only free speech. The first amendment doesn't end when you are insulted.

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Wasn't one of the departments in 1984 called "The Department of Love*, and it was the propaganda arm of the government, constantly editing history to match the current whims of the regime, and "un-person"-ing anyone who didn't constantly toe the ever-shifting party line?

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I'm liberal, but my feelings are conservative XD

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What? You need us to hurt your woman? Just send us an address we’ll fix it for you.

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'hate speech" - lol.. kinda like "free speech zones"..

Reddits Authoritarians are pure evil. They know exactly how they are destroying the truth.

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There's no such thing as speech that someone needs to be protected from. There is certainly speech expressing hate (and most of it comes from the left).

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So may I say that the Jews are the cause of and their eradication is the solution to all of the worlds problems? Once they have been eradicated we can start removing their pets and those infected with the kike mind virus. Never feed the wildlife, it creates a dependent population.

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Yes you may. This is VOAT.CO.

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It doesn’t help that they change what hate speech is every other day.

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Lets call it what it is. Censorship. Of speech, and thought. Because if you train yourself for a few weeks/months/years not to say certain things, that are 'offensive', eventually you will stop having 'offensive' thoughts altogether. Not to mention your cognitive dissonance will kick in when you hear someone else say something 'offensive' or 'hateful'.

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Does it really? My mind rejected the programming so much I'm wondering if the rebound wasn't the actual objective.

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they change what hate speech is every other day.

Because there is no such thing. It's nothing but Free Speech, with anything and everything they don't currently agree with being labeled as "hate speech" in an attempt to swing the public opinion against it.

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I hate raisins

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So its an excuse to ban people they dont like regardless of whether they actually did anything wrong while giving those they like complete immunity.

Like everyones been saying for YEARS

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That's what it means to have "community guidelines" like on facebook or youtube.

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Why don't that want love to win? Fuck white men.

Am I doing this right?

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Love trump hate. Kill Whitey.

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Iv been alive for years.

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Reddit is sjw utopia. They work tirelessly to remove all dissenting opinions.

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You heard 'em! Time to invade Reddit! Their defenses are down!

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That's kind of impressive in a way.

Side note. Everyone should be using noscript.

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Swanson asked Huffman to reconsider his permissive stance on hate speech on the site, pointing out that Reddit’s rules already ban “violent” speech, which the site defines as “content that encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual or a group of people.”

Shouldn't that be anything from the Democratic Party at this point?

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What, like punch a Nazi? But when literally half the nation is Nazis, and Trump is literally Hitler, how can you possibly equate calls to violence with violent speech?

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Hate speech is an iconic encapsulation of how women think, as sexist as it sounds. The idea is that even if someone did nothing wrong, the mere idea that a woman could be uncomfortable, means we need to create a slew of laws and provisions to ensure we can criminalize the innocent, in our quest to hold women as coddled victims.

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I like women though. They touch me and make me smile. They laugh at all my stupid fuckkng jokes that weren’t even jokes CAN YOU UNDERSTAND IM TELLING YOU SOMETHING IMPORTANT YOU DUMB BITCH. Ahh you’re 18 just come over and I’ll stop caring how stupid you are. Yea I wish your tits were a little bigger but 👋🏿 hey. Not everyone can be perfect like me. When are you gonna learn how to cook you want my kids but you can’t even make DINNER? WHAT DID I DO ALL DAY WTF DID YOU DO ALL DAY I HAVE A JOB BABY YOU DONT EVEN HAVE A FUCKING HOBBY WHY DONT YOU TRY SEWING OR READING ANYTHING OMFG YOURE SO HOT. Ahhhh yea what was I mad about I forget oh wait that FUCKING PRICK PULLED IN FRONT AND ah shit I forgot again damn your hair smells good is this why I keep paying the electricity bill. Mmmmfuck you got me

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And now that (((they))) are pushing for everyone to think and act like women you can't easily ignore their bitching.

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https://archive.fo/I6oHJ :

Reddit CEO says it’s ‘impossible’ to consistently enforce hate speech rules - The Verge

'A private chat thread released this weekend reveals that banning hate speech on Reddit is apparently too difficult a job to even attempt. '

'They’re the ones that inspect user posts to decide what does and doesn’t constitute hate speech. '

'At the time, he said that Reddit’s stance on speech is to “separate behavior from beliefs,” and that hate speech did not constitute a “behavior”. '

'This isn’t the first time Huffman has found himself in hot water over his stance on hate speech. '

'Reddit might not have these algorithms, but the company has decided to police hate speech in the past once it crosses a nebulous line and typically involves a fair amount of public pressure. '

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