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"Fuck terrorism and election fraud, GET ME THAT MEGAVIDEO GUY!!!!!!!" - Establishment

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Privacy for me but not for thee. Secrecy for me and not for thee. Maid and gardener slaves for me but not for thee. Same people. Being terrible and scared people are going to find out.

Went after him same way went after Assange. Never mind the entire google youtube at the time was copyright infringement and that's how they came to rule the world. Best Buy announced yesterday that they would no longer carry CDs.

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It's been suggested that the reason the government wants him so bad is that he provided storage for Wikileaks's sources. Which would also give him a reason for all the stuff he said he knew about Seth Rich. Or maybe he's just a useless self-promoter, I don't know.

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Megaupload was awesome at one time. Mod your Xbox and use it to rip a game. Upload the game then get free premium. Then download games faster!

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But... But... He has words of mass disruption!

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He is not a US citizen, he has no US company, he has nothing to do with US, why should he take care of US law? He is a citizen of New Zealand and only that law should be important for him. If he broke New Zealand law he should be charged by New Zealand.

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It’s because of treaties and other agreements between the countries. I’m not disagreeing with you, just saying that’s how it even comes up as a possibilitiy.

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New Zealand is so cucked, to do this. He is one of their citizens, but instead of protecting him from foreign powers, he's being sacrificed to them. What other country does that? Sure, those in the EU are willing to sacrifice their own citizens, but it's mostly to some vague notion of multiculturalism. Not another government.

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If they aren't cucked then there is a massive threat to extradite 1 man. So for the greater good...

If they are cucked, they're just another arm of the banking cartel and the world is that much closer to 1 world government/nwo.

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I hope he is as smart as he thinks and gets out of this. Deep state terrorism..

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Well, it could be due to the victory he claimed over extradition back in March.

Also keep in mind the New Zealand is part of five eyes. Them corrupt bastards.

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If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try again

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They fucking framed him. The big record music labels had people pourposefuly uploading fucking content to entrap him.

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Poor guy.

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