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Then Mark Zuckerburg should give up his citizenship if they feel that way and sell off all his properties in the 50 states and then he won't have to worry about all that hate speech. Fucking traitor should be put in front of a firing squad.

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Anyone who uses fuckbook, STOP now, quit supporting this piece of shit!

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I will as soon as I get my 23 and me results :P /s

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Agree 1000000000000%, especially the last sentence.

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You don't honor low leverl jews with a squad, you use the same rope on all of them.

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I run an identitarian group on Facebook and I've red pilled a whole lot of people. I think its worth using for that

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No real American should continue to use Facebook after a display like this, on Independence Day no less.

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Nobody should be using facebook period

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It happened yesterday

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Thanks for the correction. Sorry others downvoted you for it.

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Well no shit. It is. The founding fathers were deeply hateful of those that would destroy them. That includes brits, jews, mexicans, blacks, fags, and all the other minority denominations.

[–] speedisavirus 5 points 3 points (+8|-5) ago 

They were British. That's what that whole Independence thing was about.

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Are you being an obtuse cunt for any particular reason?

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Close your cuckbook if you have not. I did 8 years ago.

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Facebook "apologized" and put it back.. Um.. rather,, they apologized for getting caught promoting their anti-American values.

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Jews gotta jew.

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Facebook sees it as a customer service issue. It doesn't really matter about that post, it's the broader implication. But, you know, "we're sorry."

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Anyone posting stuff on Facebook deserves whatever shit comes their way.

Delete. That. Shit.

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Will noone remove that fucking pestilent Trotsky Juu ?

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