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It's not a QA issue, they engineer their products like that on purpose so you have to buy their peripherals and cables.

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But the mac-iot savants keep buying them.

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All of the professional IT guys i know have vowed to never personally own another mac

The machines have gone to shit since jobs died

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OP must be retarded to not make this connection.

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That's so fucked up but so brilliant at the same time. We can go back to being mad now.

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Do people even buy apple products? What is this 2010? Move on man, whats wrong with you?

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Retards will stand in line to buy that overpriced crap.

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Actually they went full retard around after 2015 with their new OS versions, touchbar and usb-C. 10.6.8 is still stable as fuck and running. Anyway, u cant fuck *nix systems up that much.

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Isn't OSX BSD though?

Because they most definitely fucked it up.

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Nobody that any of us talk to or run across. Unless we are infiltrating Antifa.

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I haven't seen any recent Apple products, but their x86 hardware always seemed well built. Their OS/UI on the other hand... seemed like it was designed backwards. Hate on microsoft all you want because it's terrible, but apple takes the cake in terms of terrible design, it's like it's designed to hate the user. The "fuck practical design, we know better" mentality of their UI is infuriating. I have no clue how people think it's better, honestly a dog could shit on an abacus and it would make a better UI than what apple came up with.

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fuck practical design, we know better

Apple in six words

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but their x86 hardware always seemed well built.

If only that was as true as it seemed, their 2008-2010 "unibody" MacBooks weren't really unibody, they were two pieces of aluminum glued together, yes glued, right at the location where heat would be exhausted from the CPU and/or DGPU and melt the glue over time. Their "butterfly switches" which they began implementing in late 2015 is plagued by the problem of getting gunked up by dust, there's also quite a number of EE blunders on the logic boards that took years for Apple to be willing to fix.

In fact, I'll let Luis Rossmann do the talking


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Find me the location of this glue you speak of, I have serviced hundreds of these machines and I've never seen what you're describing. On the other hand the GPU's being absolute garbage on these is true, but I would argue most laptops with decent GPU's suffer from a higher than average failure rate. Apple at least offered free board replacements within a number of years past warranty. I'm still using my mid 2012 unibody today and it's a great, quick laptop. My Asus within 3 years was completely fucked.

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You don't need to see the speed of your ongoing download. You don't need to know where this program's binaries and data actually are on the file system. You don't need to know what programs are currently running.

You can (somewhat easily) find out all of these things, but the entire OS rolls its eyes at you wanting to.

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Sure but I can take a drive out of a failed unit, and boot up on another mac (doesn't have to be the same model) and I'm up and running instantly. The OS repair/reinstall and Time Machine integration are extremely well thought out.

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Fags love being fucked in the ass so Apple has provided that service.

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Long time Mac user here, from the days of System 7, a brief hiatus, and then back to Mac when the Intel machines came out. My last Pro was built in 2012, I have iMac dated to 2008 which are still in use.

I will never ever buy the current Macbooks, Pro or otherwise until USB-C is sorted out. Which is most likely never. Jobs used to hate dongles; Cook loves them.

I'm convinced that Cook is taking the bullshit iPhone business model to an extreme. Remove every useful port, make it an accessory, and make the device irrepairable - see https://ifixit.com - and get idiot consumers onto a 2 year replacement cycle. He's not a visionary, just some operational faggot. Literally.

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This right here. They want you to replace your gear after 2 years. It's why Microshit went to Win10 so that now you have a "license" to use their OS. Before, you actually bought it and could move it to other hardware if you wanted. They got tired of dicks like me moving my OS to a different platform (whether Desktop or Laptop). Fuck em both, Linux works and runs the entire WWW.

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It's why Microshit went to Win10 so that now you have a "license" to use their OS.

Just to clarify, for anyone else lurking, this has always been the case with Windows.

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I have a current Gen 15" and a mid 2012 15", to be honest I use the 2012 more. I didn't buy either of them so because of that I don't have the sense of attachment of spending so much money.

And in all honesty if money was an issue the T460 I have as a PC backup is actually a VERY good machine. I think most Lenovo's are pure garbage, especially the X1's, but that T460 for some reason is just a great little machine

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You'll be replacing the keyboard and the ssd on that T460 within about 2 years of use

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I bet an older WiFi standard would be more resilient. Have you tried forcing the connection to n, g or b?

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They obviously do it on purpose retards.

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fuck apple, never liked em. i cant understand ppl who choose that shit over android and basically any other OS.

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I much prefer Android OS. My wife finally got an iPhone 6S Plus after having Androids and says she will never get another Apple phone. I just replaced its battery lol... Hey, you paid like $750, you're going to use this phone until it just doesn't work . . . I picked up a new Samsung S4 about 5 years ago off of Ebay for $250. It's on its 3rd battery and I replaced the power port 6 months ago. Port cost $8. Going to see how long I can keep using this phone.

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I have a Note 3, battery replaced once but that's it--the damn thing just keeps chugging and refuses to die...

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If you use Android you're fucked in the head.

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tell me the options.

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